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Computer Graphics Hardware Market to Hit $138B Value in 2022, a $7B Increase in a Year

Jastra Kranjec
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The surge in the use of mobile phones, the explosive growth of the gaming industry, and the evolving web technology have all been major factors driving the computer graphics hardware market. Although the entire industry was affected by the COVID-19, with global revenues slipping by $4bn in two years, 2022 is set to witness a significant recovery.

According to data presented by Buy Shares, the global computer graphics hardware market is expected to hit a $138bn value in 2022, a $7bn increase in a year.

Mobile Devices to Generate Nearly Half the Revenues, Game Consoles to Witness the Biggest Growth

Computer graphics are a core technology in video games, digital photography, special effects in movies, computer displays, and many specialized apps. However, over the years, it has also become essential in providing innovative solutions and top-notch services across different business sectors, from retail and finance to interactive advertising.

The graphics processing units (GPUs) have also become vital for crypto mining computers to solve hashing algorithms efficiently. At the same time, mobile GPUs are designed to accelerate graphics apps, user interfaces, and 3D content on smartphones, tablets, wearables, and IoT devices.

According to Jon Peddie Research, the global computer graphics hardware market is expected to be worth $131bn this year, with forecasts suggesting that $66bn will be generated by the mobile devices segment alone. Gaming PCs, game consoles, and workstations follow, with $36bn, and $14bn value, respectively.

In 2022, the value of the mobile devices segment is expected to rise by $1bn, the same as the gaming PCs segment. The workstations segment is forecast to reach a $16bn value, showing a $2bn increase in a year. Still, the game consoles are set to witness the most significant growth, with the total value of this segment growing by $3bn year-over-year to $17bn on a global level.

Intel Holds 68% of the PC GPU Market

As the second-largest segment of the global computer graphics hardware market, gaming PCs are forecast to reach $36bn value in 2021 and rise to $37bn next year.

The more sophisticated the graphics processing unit, the higher the resolution and the faster and smoother the motion. Improved framerates mean less stutter or freezing due to excessive load on the CPU, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

As of the second quarter of this year, Intel was the biggest vendor in the global PC GPU market, with a 68.3% share. AMD, which has shipped over around 600 million GPUs since 2013, hit a 16.5% market share in Q2 2021. Statistics show Nvidia ranked as the third-largest vendor with a market share of 15.2% in this period.

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