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In the coming future, many people expect NFTs to take over the digital world due to the metaverse boom. A survey by blockchain specialist site Chainalysis found that NFTs alone accounted for more than $44.2 billion in cryptocurrency spending in 2021.

NFTs are expected to remain popular in 2024 due to more people becoming aware of their benefits. In addition, many artists are producing NFTs to gain recognition and rewards. Also, buyers have been looking for projects that could add the most value to their portfolios. Therefore, we will review the best new NFT projects UK in this guide that will likely yield a high investment return.

Best New NFT Projects UK 2024 (list)

We have compiled a list of the best upcoming NFT projects UK with the most investment potential, so you are sure to find something you are interested in on this list.

The following are the best new NFT projects UK that look set to dominate this year’s market. They include:

1. EcoTerraRecycle-to-earn platform with strong utility

2. DeeLanceThe worlds first web3 freelancing platform

3. Launchpad XYZ– Web3 portal platform that will help mass adoption

4. Metropoly– Innovative Real Estate NFT Project That Offers Passive Income

5. Impt.io– The Best Eco-friendly NFT Project To Invest in 2024

6. Tamadoge – 2022 Top Doge NFT Project

7. Battle Infinity – One of the Most Exciting NFT Projects UK

8. Lucky Block – The Best Crypto-Lottery UK

9. Silks – New NFT Project With Play to Earn Horse Racing

10. Decentraland – Metaverse Project With Great Potential

11. Awesome Possums – Best NFT for Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Awareness

Best New NFT Projects UK 2024 – Reviewed

Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

ECOTERRA is a revolutionary crypto asset that is set to take over the green crypto project space. The token will be used to support the EcoTerra platform which is a recycle-to-earn platform like no other.

Through the innovative platform users can earn valuable rewards for recycling everyday materials. The platform is available to both individuals and businesses and is a great way for people to improve their impact on the environment and showcase the changes that they are making.

The EcoTerra platform will have four main components. These include: a recycle to earn platform, carbon offset marketplace, a recycled materials marketplace, and a trackable impact profile. The four components can be accessed by all platform users.

When users scan recycled materials into the app, they will be rewarded with ECOTERRA tokens. They can either cash these tokens out for other crypto assets or use the tokens to access other components of the app.

For example, users may choose to use their tokens to fund carbon offset initiatives by using them in the carbon offset marketplace. By doing this, users can earn valuable NFTs. Users can also send the tokens in the recycled materials marketplace where users can purchase items that have been scanned in by other users on the platform.

The ECOTERRA token is an erc20 utility token with a limited supply. 90% of tokens are currently available to purchase early through the ongoing presale event. Here investors can buy the tokens at a very undervalued price and this is guaranteed to rise throughout the pre-sale. Altogether, there are nine presale stages.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

DeeLance (DLANCE)

The best NFT projects UK to invest in start with a project currently on presale, followed by a new NFT project UK launched in 2022:

If you’re looking for an NFT project that is like no other, DeeLance is a good option to consider. DeeLance is an innovative freelancing platform that allows businesses to directly connect with talented freelancers without any third-party intervention. The platform is completely decentralized in nature which makes the entire process of working with Freelancers quicker and more efficient.

The NFT aspect of the platform comes in when Freelancer is complete work. All completed Work is given to paying customers as an NFT, which will solve problems to do with ownership. Paying customers will be given full ownership of the NFT’s and will be able to use them as they wish.

DeeLance is supported by smart contracts and is built on Blockchain technology. The smart contracts are executed as seen as a Freelancer has met all requirements of the project. Once the Smart contract has been met, Freelancer’s will be paid quickly. The platform charges only a 2% commission for completed work which is much lower than other freelancing platforms.

The main USPS of DeeLance are fast transaction times, low fees, a transparent system and complete decentralization. The overall aim of the platform is to make it easier than ever to work with Freelancers.

The DeeLance platform is supported by a native utility token called DLANCE. DLANCE is an Ethereum-based assets with a cab to supply that will decrease gradually overtime. This will provide real value to the token. DeeLance will be used by businesses to pay for job advertisements and unlock advanced platform features.

Early investors can purchase DLANCE for a very low price during the ongoing presale event. During this event that taken will be available at an undervalued price and it’s guaranteed to increase in value as the pre-sale goes on. You can start investing by simply connecting your crypto wallet to the DeeLance website and swapping USDT for DLANCE.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

launchpad logo

The web3 space is growing and with that comes a need for platforms that improve access to web3 tools and applications. Launchpad XYZ is the first platform of its kind to bring together a plethora of web3 products and allow users to easily access any products that they may need.

Launchpad XYZ is a web3 portal through which users can take part in staking, swapping, crypto games, crypto presales, trading, web3 wallets and a number of other web3 offerings. The platform aims to be the go-to place for all things web3.

Launchpad XYZ stands out from other web3 applications because of its humanised interface. Users will be able to easily find the tools that they need, without any prior knowledge of the web3 world.

The staking element of the platform is one of its most appealing features. Here, users can earn passive rewards daily by locking up their crypto investments.

LPX is the native token of Launchpad XYZ. The token is a deflationary asset with a capped supply of 1 billion. 500 million tokens are available to purchase via the ongoing presale event through which the value of LPX will increase at each stage. There are 10 stages to the presale and exchange listings will occur when the final stage is sold out.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

Metropoly (METRO)

Metropoly is a revolutionary NFT project that aims to make real estate investment accessible to everyone. Through the platform, users can invest in property-backed NFTs from as little as $100 and recieve passive income in the form of rent. Metropoly is entirely blockchain-based and investors are given true ownership over their share of each property that they invest in.

One of the most appealing aspects of the project is that you can invest from anywhere in the world. Once you own a property, the Metropoly team will take care of management and ensure that there is always a tenant available to pay rent. This makes it possible to build your own real estate portfolio from anywhere. Through Metropoly, you can buy property in just 20 seconds.

Real estate has long been considered one of the most reliable investments. As a result, investing in real estate NFTs could be a great way to strengthen your portfolio. Investors could benefit from passive income and long term appreciation.

To buy NFT property, users must use the native METRO token. METRO is an ERC-20 utility token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. All transactions in the Metropoly ecosystem will use the token to ensure transparency. At the moment, you can buy METRO for a low prcie through the ongoing presael event. Taking part in the presale also gives you a chance of winning a property worth $1 million dollars. To invest, simply connect your wallet to the presale event and swap ETH, USDT or BNB for METRO.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

Impt.io- The Best Eco-friendly NFT Project To Invest in 2024

At the top of our list of NFT projects is Impt.io– a brand new sustainable project that aims to solve problems that currently exist in the carbon credit industry. Impt.io is a carbon credit exchange, through which users can exchange carbon credits for token or NFT rewards.

The platform rewards users with NFTs, which are rare and will hold value over time. Each NFT represents a unique artwork that has been designed for the Impt.io project and can be collected to create a portfolio.

Users can also collect IMPT tokens- a utility token that will power than entire Impt.io eco system. The tokens are currently available to purchase through the presale event, which is expected to end before 2023. After the presale, the value of the tokens is predicted to significantly rise.

Impt.io will use blockchain technology to create an immutable and transparent carbon credit exchange that will prevent fraud and double counting. To access the platform, users will need to hold IMPT tokens- these coins will also provide access to the exclusive DAO.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

Tamadoge – 2022 Top Doge NFT Project

Tamadoge, an NFT game that enables users to generate, collect, and fight with canine pets, is one of the best new projects of NFT 2022. It allows users to integrate their NFT into existing metaverses by integrating everything into a 3D model.

TAMADOGE, its native currency, allows users to participate in Tamaverse’s various offers. Its main characteristic is deflationary, so that it will increase in value over time.

To earn dogepoints in the Tamaverse, you need to win fights and gain positions on the leaderboard to earn dogepoints. However, winners can use their dogepoints and claim their winnings in the dogepool if they so desire. Being part of the Tamadoge NFT project has many advantages, including the fact that transactions are free, so the amount you purchase will be accurate, and you won’t have to worry about additional fees.

In the near future, Tamadoge plans to launch an augmented reality application that will enable users to interact with their pets in the same environment as their pets.

For Tamadoge, a total of 2 billion tokens will be available for purchase. 1 billion coins will be available at the token generation event, and 400 million will be added to exchange lists. During the pre-sale, 50% of the tokens will be traded on exchanges. Therefore, participating in the pre-sale will maximize your return on investment.

Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (via Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Beta Sale Ends 2nd September 2022
Presale Ends Q4 2022


Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

Battle Infinity – One of the Most Exciting NFT Projects UK

The Battle Infinity project is one of the most exciting NFT projects UK you should look at. The project is an ecosystem that is based on NFTs and consists of 6 completely new platforms that work as a Metaverse for gaming. Aside from that, it is an industry-specific NFT project with diversified features. There is an official group on the Telegram platform for this project, and CoinSpiner has fully verified it.

Six different platforms are available in total, each with its features and capabilities. Several components within the Battle Infinity ecosystem include a specialized NFT marketplace, a betting platform, a fantasy sports platform known as IBAT Premier League, P2P games, a decentralized exchange, and a metaverse. There is something for everyone in Battle Infinity, one of the most attractive NFT projects on the market.

This platform’s original token is called IBAT. Infinity Battle is powered by IBAT, a native token with a limit of 10 billion. A token is used as a reward for the most skilled players in addition to the revenue generated from betting the token on Battle Stake and buying virtual advertising space, which will be used to advertise the game.

Batlle Infinity is one of the top-performing NFT projects of the year due to its complementary features and wide range of features. It is also worth noting that Battle Infinity has several additional features that will enable this project to attract a large number of users in a short period. Therefore, there is no doubt that Battle Infinity could be considered one of the most interesting new projects of NFT 2024. Check our guide to know how to buy Battle Infinity.

Min Investment 0.1 BNB
Max Investment 500 BNB
Chain Binance Smart Chain
Presale Start Date 11th July 2022
Exchange listing date 17th August 2022


Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

Lucky Block – The Best Crypto-Lottery UK

Regarding new NFT projects, the Platinum Rollers Club collection from Lucky Block is our number one choice. As a result of an innovative crypto-lottery feature enabled by the platform, Lucky Block has become one of the best altcoins on the market today. The development team has also entered the NFT space with the launch of the Platinum Rollers Club, a platform that hosts 10,000 NFTs.

On the front of the NFTs are 2D tickets with a number. However, the real value of these NFTs comes from the exceptional benefits they offer their owners, including automatic entry into daily prize draws worth an average of $10,000 daily. In addition, 25 NFTs within the Platinum Rollers Club collection have been dubbed ‘Rare Editions,’ enabling the owner to garner double the jackpot if their number comes up during the draw.

Lucky Block NFT purchasers are eligible for a one-time prize draw to win a Lamborghini Aventador, valued at over $300,000. Since Lucky Block NFTs can be minted for only $1,500, this collection has an exponential upside.

On May 15th, Lucky Block will begin its daily prize draws, complementing these Lucky Block NFTs. The Lucky Block app allows users to purchase $5 tickets to enter these draws. Lucky Block’s native token, LBLOCK, will provide free tickets to all holders.

LBLOCK’s transactional tax funds the prize pool for Lucky Block’s draws, which is over $2 million. Therefore, NFT owners who hold LBLOCK or purchase an entry ticket will have two chances to win each day – one through the NFT prize draw and one through the main jackpot draw.

LaunchPad, NFT’s fast-growing marketplace, launched the Platinum Rollers Club collection on March 19th. However, due to the 70x returns experienced by LBLOCK after listing on PancakeSwap and the impressive hype driven by Lucky Block’s Telegram group, these NFTs are expected to sell out soon – meaning investors must act quickly to secure one. The promising project also has celebrity brand ambassadors, Jamie Jewitt and Dillian Whyte.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

Silks – New NFT Project With Play to Earn Horse Racing

You may consider investing in Silks, a play-to-earn game based on the Ethereum blockchain. There is no doubt that Silks takes its inspiration from the world of thoroughbred horse racing. Players can use avatars and NFTs to participate in gameplay in a rich metaverse.

It is important to understand that every horse in the Silks universe is an NFT counterpart of the actual horse in the real world. Players must invest in land and construct stables to take care of horses. When the real-life counterpart of your horse wins a race, you will be rewarded.

Silks Metaverse rewards will be distributed in $STT, the native transactional token. Players can earn additional rewards by staking $STT and breeding their horses. A new horse NFT will be minted every year as part of the game’s long-term strategy.

To ensure that each NFT represents an actual horse, these mintings will follow auctions in the real world. In addition, Silks has an NFT marketplace where you can purchase other in-game assets such as rare silks, stables, and much more to enhance your gaming experience. It’s anticipated that this will be one of the best NFT projects this year as the game launches to the public in April 2022.

Decentraland – Metaverse Project With Great Potential

You may already be familiar with Decentraland if you have previous knowledge about the metaverse. Developed on the Ethereum blockchain network, Decentraland is a virtual world. A virtual plot of land can be bought in the game, and avatars can be fully customized. As a result of the world being a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the users of Decentraland also have full control over the governance decisions.

The structure of all assets available in Decentraland is similar to the structure of NFTs. As assets, these are LAND parcels, food, and clothing. MANA is the native currency you must use to trade all these NFTs. There is no reason why MANA should only be used for in-game transactions. Cryptocurrency investors can also purchase MANA to speculate on the rise of Decentraland.

The world of Decentraland, therefore, offers participants unlimited potential, allowing them to customize their virtual land as they see fit. In addition, advertising brands can be promoted through virtual billboards in the metaverse, leveraging Decentraland’s potential. Ethereum 2.0 could be a major factor in Decentraland’s growth, although ESG fees remain extremely high.

Awesome Possums – Best NFT for Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Awareness

The NFT’s Awesome Possums project is one of the coolest projects for 2024 because it raises awareness and gives back to charity. The world’s first NFT project promotes mental health awareness and addiction recovery.

The project, founded by Nicholas Brison, aims to reshape the mental health journey and reduce stigma. Close family members have been affected by mental illness and addiction, so the team is fully committed to bringing this project to the masses.

As part of the first collection, the team has created 12,000 Awesome Possums NFTs, of which ten will be super rare. Two thousand NFTs will be hyper-realistic and given to prominent early adopters and promoters.

NFTs are expected to go on sale on September 9, 2022, for 0.08 ETH (up to five per wallet). However, a pre-sale will be held 48 hours earlier, on September 7, 2022, where you can purchase NFTs for 0.055 ETH (maximum 3 per wallet).

The NFT sales will generate substantial revenue for organizations contributing to mental health awareness and addiction treatment. A few of these charities are Childmind, Rethink Stigma, Natural High, and Shatterproof, to name a few.

Having NFTs grants users access to the private Discord server primarily focused on self-development. Awesome Possums is a community-driven effort where Possum’s holders can share ideas, knowledge, and wisdom among themselves. Additionally, the private group holds regular mental health check-ins hosted by professionals and offers support to the communities targeted by the project.

Furthermore, the team has created an incentive structure for Possums Holders to hold onto their NFTs in addition to the Discord server. “The Road” is an incentive structure to keep Possums holders invested. According to the roadmap, holders will be eligible for giveaways such as event tickets, luxury holidays, merch, and charity donations.

Despite this, the Awesome Possums team has plans beyond “The Road” to launch their charity to sponsor 100% of the cost of treatment for addicts. Additionally, they are working on launching an animated series, producing a virtual reality game to enter the metaverse, and creating the Awesome Possums Podcast, where fully recovered addicts can share tips with others on a similar path as their own.

As you can see, Awesome Possums is a wholesome project dedicated to creating an ecosystem that can help struggling communities.

Where to Invest in Upcoming NFT Games

Having reviewed each NFT project, you should know where you can invest in upcoming NFT projects in the UK. Below, we will take a look at a few platforms on which it is possible to do so.

1. Alvexo


Trading platform Alvexo is an online forex and CFD trading website established in 2014. Among Alvexo’s services is one of the top brokers with a total of over 650,000 registered users, which is quite an impressive achievement compared to other brokers. In addition, over 450 tradable assets are available in 5 categories on Alvexo. In the trading environment, the technology used by this CFD broker plays an important role.

You can trade over 400 assets on Alvexo, including currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. It does not include NFTs. So when it comes to diversifying your portfolio, Alvexo may be a good option to consider.

Your money is at risk.

2. OKX

The OKX cryptocurrency platform uses blockchain technology to provide its services. The platform has users in more than 100 countries. On the platform, there are approximately 300 cryptocurrencies that can be used.

It has an easy-to-use interface that is perfect for beginners if you plan to trade here. Traders with more experience can also use the platform according to their knowledge.

Your money is at risk.

Why Invest In New NFT Projects?

The in-game features of games on NFT platforms are some of the benefits of investing in projects. In addition, some NFT tokens may increase in value over time, making them a good long-term investment.

Ownership of the project assets: Playing the NFT project means that all the items you win are yours to keep. With centralized titles, this feature makes the biggest difference, as if you want to buy assets related to the game, you will always be charged. It is important to understand that even if you have purchased a digital asset, you are not the full owner of it.

In “play to earn” cryptocurrency games, a blockchain ledger lets you keep track of all the items you purchase securely and clearly. Additionally, each item in the game is verified using NFT tokens.

Fiat money is earned by exchanging the in-game currency:  Investing in the best NFT projects gives you the option of getting in-game coins when certain challenges are met. Alternatively, you can sell these NFT cryptos. For example, one of the most famous games from NFT, Decentraland, has raised several billion dollars in market capitalization for NFT.

This way, real money can easily be obtained from the game tokens earned. This feature stands out in general in NFT games.

Blockchain technology ensures fair and transparent game results. Classic games are designed and managed by centralized operators. Due to this, it is not possible to revise game results.

A smart contract determines the success of each game in a cryptocurrency title, so you do not have to worry about this being a drawback in these titles. Furthermore, since smart contracts are transparent and immutable, all games are 100% random.

Best New NFT Projects UK- Conclusion


NFT markets have been growing steadily over the last few years, and one thing is for sure, this is a market that is here to stay. With Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta rebranding, it is clear that major chunks of the investing population will adhere to getting their hands on the trending thing if it is trending enough

The way technological advances are going, it might only be a matter of time before we come to appreciate digital art as much as we do physical art. Unlike any other asset, the value of an NFT can only be speculated upon; however, just like any other asset, the value of an NFT will depend on the number of people ready to invest or indulge in it.

In some cases, people buy and sell NFTs and see value in them, while in other cases, they laugh it off as a fad. However, it must be taken seriously as big names enter the industry. There is interest and participation from tech giants like Facebook and Samsung and brands like Adidas, venture capital organizations, etc. Based on their involvement and investments, we can be sure that NFTs will be around for a long time.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.


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