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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are gaining mainstream adoption. NFT trading has surged by over 700% from the previous Q3 in 2020 with around $10.67B traded, per data from DappRadar.  This guide explores the best NFT app for trading these unique assets and how to get started with zero commission.

Best NFT App List

Our list of top NFT apps was based on criteria such as overall trading volume, popularity, and record NFT sales.

  1. OpenSea – Overall Best NFT App For NFT Trading
  2. Axie Marketplace – Best NFT App For Axie Trades
  3. Larva Labs – Popular NFT Destination For CryptoPunks Purchases
  4. NBA Top Shot – Best NFT App For In-Game Basketball Clips
  5. Rarible – Decentralised NFT Marketplace for Collector
  6. SuperRare.co – Top NFT App For Unique Digital Collectibles
  7. Atomic Market – NFT App For Shared Liquidity
  8. Foundation – Great NFT App For Royalty-Based Sales
  9. Aavegotchi – App For DeFi-Staked NFTs
  10. MakersPlace – Top NFT App For Exclusive Creator Contents

Best Apps To Buy NFTs Reviewed

Here are some of the best NFT apps to use right now:

1. OpenSea – Overall Best NFT App For NFT Trading

Opensea logoThe first NFT app for anyone new in the space of digital collectibles is OpenSea. The platform is the most popular NFT app for unique token sales and has so far averaged over $9.3 billion in NFT sales, according to DappRadar. OpenSea’s has a large array of NFTs where you can buy in-game items, artworks, music, and even GIFs.

OpenSea NFT marketplace

OpenSea is a great choice for creators and collectors alike. The app is known for its user-friendliness and is suitable for beginners. NFT creators can create and sell their digital artwork in minutes using the auction mode or selling at a fixed price. NFT collectors are not left behind. Buyers can choose from a large NFT library that includes the best digital arts, rare cards, virtual worlds and others.

2. Axie Marketplace – Best NFT App For Axie Trades

Axie infinity logoAxie Marketplace is another top NFT app to buy your NFT collectible. Based on the Ethereum and Ronin blockchains, Axie Marketplace facilitates the buying and selling in-game tokenized characters called Axies. The protocol, a market hub for Axie Infinity, has gained remarkable acceptance due to its innovative style of allowing players to be partial owners of the gaming platform. Axie Marketplace trades exclusively in the platform’s characters and so far has recorded over $2.64 billion in Axie sales.

Axie Marketplace 2

The Axie NFT app is fast becoming a fan favourite, with the development team noting that over 1.5 million users log in to the platform daily. The platform is not the friendliest to use, but it has continued to grow despite the challenge inherent in using the platform. Each player is expected to own a minimum of 3 Axies which currently trades for hundreds of dollars in value for them to compete.

Meanwhile, Axie Marketplace is still a top choice for many and has since become a source of income for many gamers since the pandemic began.

3. Larva Labs – Popular NFT Destination For CryptoPunks Purchases

Larva LabsLooking for how to buy NFT tokens? Look no further than Larva Labs. Larva Labs runs on the Ethereum network. The app enables the buying and selling of some of the first digital collectibles on the network. You can also mint popular collectibles CryptoPunks on the app. These are a set of 10,000 randomly minted characters with unique attributes and features.

These NFT initially went for free but have since recorded millions of dollars in sales value.

Larva Labs homepage

According to data from DappRadar, Larva Labs, and the CryptoPunks project has a recorded value of $1.49 billion in NFT sales. Aside from the CryptoPunks project, Larva Labs also runs an NFT game for mobile called Road Trip, autoglyphs, and androify NFTs. Some other cool projects accessible on the Larva Labs include Meebits – a 3D voxel NFT platform with unique tracing capabilities, and a new Android launcher called FlowHome.

However, CryptoPunks has been the NFT app’s standout star, with the most expensive Punk selling for $7.6 million.
Like many best NFT apps, Larva Labs supports purchases with the Ethereum-based MetaMask Wallet.

4. NBA Top Shot – Best NFT App For In-Game Basketball Clips

NBA Top ShotBuilt on the Flow blockchain, the NBA Top Shot is another top NFT app UK to buy at the moment.

Like the Axie NFT app, it only supports in-game video clips of the National Basketball Association (NBA) championships. It is specific, and buyers get to tokenize digital trading cards that feature these basketball clips. Purchased clips are stored on a user’s verified wallet and can be re-sold on the platform’s marketplace.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot has been a remarkable success due to the ease of setting up an account and making purchases. You can sign up with your Google account, making it convenient for anyone to use.

The NFT platform also supports several payment options aside from the traditional ETH currency. It allows users to pay for in-game clips with a crypto wallet, a user-generated Flow wallet, or a credit card.

So far, the NBA Top Shot NFT app has raked in over $710 million in total NFT sales, with more expected as the basketball community opens up to the idea.

5. Rarible – Decentralised NFT Marketplace for Collector

Rarible logoMoving away from the traditional centralised option of several other NFT apps, Rarible is a community-owned and driven NFT app that enables the minting, buying, and selling of exclusive digital collectibles like short videos, arts, cards, and several other options.

Rarible thrives on user-friendliness and makes it easy for anyone to set up a creative account or even make purchases.

To boost creativity and cut down on high gas fees of minting on the Ethereum network, Rarible recently launched an industry-first lazy minting feature.

Rarible marketplace nft app

This feature allows buyers to pay gas fees for NFT collectibles they are interested in. The NFT is listed on Rarible like other NFTs and stored on secure decentralised storage until a buyer signifies interest in the digital collectible. At this moment, the NFT will be minted at the point of purchase while the buyer picks up the gas fee tab.

The Rarible NFT app rewards users with its RARI governance tokens, which is an ERC-20 token. Supported wallets are popular MetaMask, Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, and WalletConnect. According to data from DappRadar, Rarible currently has over $232.15 million in overall trading volume.

6. SuperRare.co – Top NFT App For Unique Digital Collectibles

SuperRare logoSuperRare is an NFT app that focuses on making an NFT collection and creation a social project.

It is the sixth most popular NFT app with over $158 million in recorded sales. It features top-quality digital collectibles, including arts, short clips, and 3D NFT works.

Also user-friendly, the SuperRare NFT app supports wallets like MetaMask, Fortmatic, and WalletConnect. It is one of the toughest NFT apps to mint on, given the peculiar way NFTs are added on its platform.

SuperRare marketplace

Each NFT submitted to the SuperRare platform is reviewed by the SuperRare team for quality. Creators are also expected to pay a hefty 15% in commission to have their works listed. However, SuperRare offers a royalty program that sees a creator making as much as 10% in future sales of their NFT work.

Like Rarible, SuperRare also features an ERC-20 token called $RARE, used in governance-related activities.

7. Atomic Market – NFT App For Shared Liquidity

Atomic MarketAtomic Market is an outlier to several of these top NFT apps.

Firstly, it is built on popular Ethereum rival protocol EOSIO, which affords a low-cost, energy-efficient, and highly scalable decentralised application (dApp) framework.

The app is peculiar in that it functions more like a shared liquidity platform for digital collectibles. Shared liquidity means that all projects listed on one NFT market will be visible in all other markets.

Atomic Market homepage nft app

Operating more like an aggregator for the NFT sub-sector, Atomic Market currently sits on the seventh spot on the top-ranking NFT apps. It has so far averaged over $118.21 million in NFT sales. It features the Atomic Hub marketplace, where NFT enthusiasts can easily create, buy, and sell NFTs from myriad sources. Supported wallets are WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor, and Scatter.

8 Foundation – Great NFT App To Broaden NFT Creativity

Foundation NFT marketplaceSitting on the eighth spot is Foundation – an NFT app that seeks to broaden the creative horizon for the booming NFT space.

This NFT marketplace currently averages $95.12 million in NFT sales and focuses on exclusive digital collectibles. Looking to create an open playing field, Foundation operates a platform for digital art creators that have not yet made a name for themselves.

Foundation NFT marketplace

Foundation features some of the most diverse NFT works in the sub-sector, with several works on arts, short clips, and many others.

However, Foundation charges a hefty 15% commission for minting on the platform. Meanwhile, creators can make back some of those fees through a 10% royalty gained from the resale of their works. Supported payment options feature popular options like credit cards and PayPal accounts. MetaMask and WalletConnect wallets are used for deposits and withdrawals on the app.

9. Aavegotchi – Top App For DeFi-Staked NFTs Aavegotchi logo

Occupying the ninth spot with $49.43 million in sales, Aavegotchi is a DeFi Coin powered by the Aave protocol and runs on Ethereum layer-two platform Polygon Network.

It operates more like an NFT game allowing players to buy Aavegotchis and equip them with in-game items.

They can also be used as DeFi collateral to earn staking rewards, similar to what’s applicable on the best crypto staking platforms. Like most blockchain-based game protocols, each Aavegotchi is unique as each comes with different body colour and personality.

Aavegotchi homepage nft app

Players are required to interact with their Aavegotchis to boost their kinship score. Users can also accumulate badges and trophies that they can later use to increase their NFT’s uniqueness. Aavegotchi currently supports WalletConnect, Venly Wallet, and Portis.

10. MakersPlace – Top NFT App For Exclusive Creator Contents

MakersplaceMakersplace prides itself as a premier destination for digital collectibles from some exclusive creators in the fast-rising NFT sub-sector. Some of their record sales have stemmed from NFT juggernauts like Beeple and music stars like TPain, Shakira and Tom Morello.

Creating an account on Makersplace is super-easy as you can either choose to use your email address, Facebook or Google account.

New users are then required to select creators they want to follow. Supported wallets are MetaMask, Coinbase, and Trust Wallet, and you can also use your credit card to make purchases.

Creators, on the other hand, need to request an invitation link to join the platform. Makersplace charges a 15% commission but only on a project’s successful sale, and the app also offers a royalty scheme of 10% on resales.

Although Makersplace does not have the same trading volume as othersNFT marketplaces, it is still a top destination for many, and it averages over $25 million in NFT sales.

For more information on NFT lending platforms, be sure to read our in-depth guide here.

What is an NFT App?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens, are cryptographically unique tokens stored on the blockchain with proof of authenticity. They are super-rare unique digital collectibles that are one-of-a-kind and difficult to replicate. Although they have various use cases, NFTs are more generally embraced in the arts, music, and gaming circles.

OpenSea nft marketplace nft app

An NFT app allows access to these digital collectibles, enabling anyone to mint, buy, sell, and generate passive income from these unique assets. These dApps have led to a revolution by allowing individuals to easily store memories and valuable work on the blockchain.

NFT apps make it easy for investors to invest in NFTs. They also allow buyers to collect some of the rarest pieces in the arts and gaming circles which can be used as a flex or even resold. Savvy investors can also invest in the best NFT stocks to gain access to the NFT market without buying a token. With the expanding use case for NFTs, many see them as a key ingredient in the fast-approaching MetaVerse. NFT apps are considered a vehicle for a digital revolution.

How do NFT Apps Work?

NFT apps operate by allowing anyone to mint and trade digital collectibles.  The best NFT marketplace can be operated in the major steps namely:

  • Create an Ethereum-backed wallet (preferably MetaMask)
  • Create an account with the NFT App you want to transact on
  • Make a deposit with any of the support payment methods
  • Make an offer (bid) or buy the digital collectible outrightly

Choose an App for Buying NFTs

After choosing a suitable crypto wallet for purchasing Ethereum, you can choose an NFT app to use.

Most NFT purchases are made on OpenSea, and we recommend using this platform due to its reputation.

OpenSea signup nft app

Another is the liquidity currently flowing through the protocol, which allows you to withdraw your funds anytime you want without fear. Other popular NFT app choices can be Axie Marketplace for buying Axies or NBA Top Shot.

Sign Up

The next step is to register with your chosen NFT app.

This step should not take long to complete as OpenSea only requires connecting to any supported digital wallets.

Purchase Your NFT

When you are done creating your account, it is time to buy your NFT. OpenSea offers several categories, and you can directly browse out a creator if you know any or click on the ‘Explore’ button to see the works of top creators.

OpenSea marketplace

When you have identified the one you want, proceed to buy or make an offer (bid). For payment, you can pay with your Ethereum holdings. Once the purchase is complete, the NFT will be deposited into your collections.

Conclusion – Best NFT Apps for Buying and Selling

NFTs are here to stay and, given their pivotal role in the evolving MetaVerse, will serve key roles in the new Web 3.0 vision that has been built by blockchain technology.

Keying into them is considered a smart business decision as more individuals invest in the NFT space. You can also buy Ethereum or your Enjin coins or from cryptocurrency brokers.

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