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Fact Checked
Fact Checked
Everything you read on our site is provided by expert writers who have many years of experience in the financial markets and have written for other top financial publications. Every piece of information here is fact-checked.
Please note that we are not authorised to provide any investment advice. The information on this page should be construed for information purposes only. We may earn commissions from the products mentioned on this site.

Buyshares.co.uk is an industry-leading online resource for beginner traders and independent investors. At Buyshares.co.uk, we are committed to providing highly relevant, up-to-date, actionable, and carefully researched financial education guides, video tutorials, tips, and tricks that will help you buy shares and invest in the stock markets.

How have we equipped ourselves to achieve this?

We work with expert writers

We work with some of the best writers in the trading and investment space. All of our writers are extremely experienced and experts at what they do, and they also all have practical experience of actually trading and investing themselves. Each of our contributors have also written for other highly respected online finance publications.

To learn more about our writers, their specialisms and where else their work has featured, take a look at our Authors and About Us pages.

We’re trusted by leading online publications

We have been cited by a wide range of highly respected online publications, including NASDAQ, Business Insider France, Business Insider Australia, Bitcoin.com, Square, Lumi Wallet, Coin Telegraph, The Jerusalem Post, Benzinga, and many more.

The fact that we’re cited by these leading publications shows that our content is highly accurate, relevant and original.

We are impartial and unbiased

Buyshares.co.uk is a completely independent investment educational hub for beginner investors who want to learn and take their first steps in trading and investing. This unbiased approach and independence is the driving force of our objectivity in providing trading/investment education content and reviews. We can, therefore, guarantee that the content, guides, reviews, and investment advice published on the Buyshares.co.uk website is highly accurate and transparent.

Thorough fact-checking, editing, and updates

Our in-house editorial team is tasked with the key responsibility of subjecting each piece of information that goes up to our website to a thorough fact-checking process outlined in our Editorial Policy. This ensures the content we publish is up to date, accurate, actionable, and highly reliable.

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Alan Draper

Alan Draper

Alan is the Chief Editor of the Buyshares sites and is responsible for ensuring all the content on our site is accurate, relevant and helpful. He is an experienced editor who has worked for several leading online publications. Alan is also a writer and is an expert on the stock market.