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Games based on NFTs combine the fun of online gaming with the potential to earn money. Known as play-to-earn games, NFT games let you explore virtual worlds and battle other players while earning NFTs that you can exchange for cryptocurrency.

If you are interested in learning more about play to earn crypto games, this guide is for you. This article will review the best NFT games UK in 2024 and explain how you can get started playing right now. In addition, we will examine some of this year’s most exciting new NFT games.

Best NFT Games UK 2024 (list)

Here are the top NFT games UK you should consider trying right now.

1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best NFT Game UK for 2022

2. Tamadoge – The Best Doge NFT Game UK of 2022

3. Lucky Block  – Top NFT Lottery Game UK

4. Girls, Robots, Dragons – Premium Fantasy NFT Game UK

5. Battle of Gardians – NFT Fighting Game UK

6. The Sandbox – Exciting Metaverse NFT Game with Huge Potential

7. Mines Of Dalarnia – Innovative NFT Game UK

8. Axie Infinity  – The Game that Put NFT Games on the Map

9. Silks – Popular P2E NFT Game

Best NFT Games UK 2024 – Reviewed

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these games stand out now that you’ve seen our list of NFT games.

1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best NFT Game UK for 2024

Welcome to Battle Infinity, the world’s first blockchain-based NFT-based fantasy sports game. In addition to building fantasy teams and competing online, this DFS site is fully integrated with the Metaverse.

Currently, IBAT Premier League – one of the six Battle Arenas in total – offers the most action. As a player, you can create your avatar, build your roster, unlock unique NFTs that are speculatively valuable, and compete with your friends for cash prizes.

Furthermore, this NFT gaming site offers a DeFi exchange called the IBAT Battle Swap. Essentially, it’s just a game store. As a result, players can stake their wagers and buy/sell NFTs with rival managers from this site.

There is only one currency at Battle Infinity, which is the $IBAT token, and with this coin, you will be able to set wagers, cash out your winnings, and deal with other managers in the NFT marketplace. It is strongly recommended that you look at Battle Infinity’s Telegram group to get a full overview of the $IBAT presales and exchange listings so far. Check our guide to know how to buy Battle Infinity.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

2. Tamadoge – The Best Doge NFT Game UK of 2024

Unlike other coins in the doge ecosystem, Tamadoge offers utility and allows players to earn. Players can compete for prizes in this crypto game, which is part of the Tamaverse. Dogecoin’s supply has increased dramatically, but Tamadoge’s supply has decreased because 5% of Tamadoge is permanently burned.

Tamadoge is more than an NFT game. Currently, it’s in presale, but the developers are working on partnerships to make it a Metaverse game and to launch the coin on centralized exchanges to broaden its exposure to a wider audience. The time to invest in this coin is now because 50% of the total supply will be sold before a decentralized exchange listing takes place. After that, 20% of the Tamadoge tokens will be reserved for exchange listings, while 30% of the tokens will be made available for minting for 10 years.

The prize pool will be funded by 65% of all Tamadoge coins spent on this NFT project. To climb the leaderboard, players compete. For this purpose, they buy NFTs for their pets to feed and play with them. Pets grow when they are taken care of and played with. The pool of rewards will be dominated by players who take the best care of their pets.

This game’s application will be available soon on Tamaverse, a platform that is devoted to development. In the future, P2E arcade games will be included in this collection. CoinSniper has verified that Tamadoge is accurate, and Solid Proof has audited it. The only choice investors have right now is to act.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

3. Lucky Block  – Top NFT Lottery Game UK

LucBlock is a blockchain-based gaming network that provides gamers with a transparent platform to play their favorite games and win prizes simultaneously. In this way, the platform facilitates the selection process through the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

Investors will use LBLOCK to settle fees and facilitate other transactions on the blockchain. Currently, the crypto asset trades at $0.0017, which presents investors with a great opportunity to profit from the asset.

Known to be one of the top play-to-earn NFT gaming cryptos on the market, Lucky Block allows its users to win grand prizes through its NFT draws. To qualify for the draws, players need to purchase an NFT, which gives them a chance to win $1 million and a Lamborghini.

Additionally, LBLOCK price movements are expected to improve as centralized exchange (CEX) listings get underway. Finally, the V2 token will be accessible to more investors just two weeks from its launch.

The Ethereum bridge is currently being tested, and exchange listing applications can begin as soon as the bridge is ready.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

4. Girls, Robots, Dragons – Premium Fantasy NFT Game UK

GRD – Girls, Robots, Dragons – is a premium fantasy and sci-fi NFT card collection of 9,000 cards featuring 15 unique characters (5 girls, 5 robots, 5 dragons).

The company’s illustrators have created World of Women NFTs, Star Wars NFTs, Hearthstone trading cards, and more.

The GRD NFT collection is divided into two series – 3,000 NFTs for sale at 0.07 ETH (0.06 for early buyers) and 6,000 vaulted cards. These can be purchased with $DUST utility tokens or earned as a Loyalty Reward by holding an Ether Card Founder NFT when you purchase a GRD NFT.

As part of the GRD NFT drop, a collectible card game revolves around collecting 4 types of cards – common, rare, epic, and legendary – to complete a book (of all 15 unique characters).

As part of the GRD collectible card game prize pool, 20% of total sales and 25% of royalties will be rewarded – up to a maximum redemption of 3.5 ETH per book.

Galaxis utility traits are available on the first 3,000 NFT cards, allowing holders to claim various items and benefits. Services include but are not limited to: physical redeemable, autographs, and virtual meetings.

You receive DUST tokens equal to the price of the NFT when you purchase Girls, Robots, Dragons NFTs. You can purchase the NFTs using crypto tokens through decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap.

5. Battle of Gardians – NFT Fighting Game UK

Developed on the Unreal Engine, Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a real-time, multiplayer, NFT fighting game built on the Solana Network & Finance Smart Chain.

The game world is expansive, and battles take place across multiple realms. In addition, P2E BOG features a one-on-one game mode in which players battle it out for rewards in an endless battle.

A player who wins a battle will earn ‘Fighting Points’ ($FP), which can be used to purchase items from the marketplace or to enter tournaments for greater prizes.

You can purchase the in-game token via decentralized exchanges by using crypto.

6. The Sandbox – Exciting Metaverse NFT Game with Huge Potential

Among the most popular metaverse platforms for games, the Sandbox stands out. Voxel assets can be created and animated by players and uploaded to the marketplace as NFTs. Users on the platform then integrate these NFTs into their games.

In addition, creators can monetize and market all the games and assets they design, and anyone can earn rewards by simply playing games.

SAND, the Sandbox’s utility token, can be used to purchase in-game items. The Sandbox’s metaverse allows players to create unique experiences by purchasing digital real estate, referred to as LAND, and populating it with their own games and assets.

7. Mines Of Dalarnia – Innovative NFT Game UK

‘Mines of Dalarnia’ (MoD) is a side-scrolling action-adventure game that comes with many addictive features. Throughout the game, players will find different kinds of terrain on each level, as well as a variety of items that they can mix and match.

Combining these items results in:

  • Make in-game consumables
  • Enhance the skills of your character
  • Make your gear better

Players own each world/level in MoD, taking in-game ownership to a new level. For a fee and tax, players can rent out their plots to other players to mine on. You can also rent lands from other players to upgrade your character in each world.

In addition, each item in-game is represented as an NFT, which can be traded using $DAR, the MoD’s native token. Taxes, rental terms, and other customizations are up to you as an owner.

In contrast, successful mines are measured by the number of active miners and the number of minerals discovered on the plot. Each month, token rewards and airdrops will be awarded to the most successful plots!

If you want to buy this MoD tokens, you will need to hold crypto in a crypto wallet.

8. Axie Infinity  – The Game that Put NFT Games on the Map

Axie Infinity (opens in a new tab) is the game that put NFT gaming on the map, making it one of the most popular NFT games available today. Despite being a monster-breeding role-playing game, this game proved that NFT games could be rewarding, fun, and work. You raise a pet Axie and breed it to create generations of creatures that inherit traits from each other. It is possible to collect and trade Axies either on NFT marketplaces or in-game, with rare breeds of Axies earning you a considerable amount of money.

This game features a standard set of modes such as Quest, Player-versus-Player (PVP), and Adventure – each of which earns Smooth Love Potion (SLP), the game’s utility token, which is used to buy and breed Axies. Like Pokemon or Digimon, Axie Infinity is a ‘normal’ game.

Due to their blockchain registration, Axies can earn you real money based on their rarity and value. Play-to-earn models are what NFT games are known for, but they can be detrimental when values decline. The game now uses a free-to-play model similar to Elder Scrolls Online to offset the market forces imposed on it, so players don’t have to pay to play, but their Axies are limited in development.

This year has seen several updates to Axie Infinity that have made the game more approachable and expanded how Axies can be used; the new Builder Program, for example, enables players to create and submit games built on the Axie Infinity engine with the best games expanding the metaverse.

The Silks game, also known as the Game of Silks, integrates the world of thoroughbred horse racing into the Metaverse. NFTs represent a real horse in this game, so you can indirectly participate in live races by purchasing them. Additionally, you will be able to track and monitor your real-world counterparts.

It is important to note, however, that horses are not the only assets available in Silks. NFTs represent stables, land, and racing silks in the in-game marketplace. In addition, it comes with its native token – $STT – that can be used to purchase items in the game.

As part of the race and breeding system, you can earn $STT as a reward. Silks offer the ability to mine and stake these $STT coins. As well as $STT, the Silks ecosystem has a governance token called $SLK. To buy the token, you will need to swap crypto through a decentralized exchange.

How To Invest In NFT Games In The UK

The rewards in many top NFT games are unlocked by holding in-game tokens and digital assets. Therefore, to make the most of the P2E gaming experience, you should be prepared with the necessary cryptocurrency.

Buying cryptocurrency and securing the tokens in a digital wallet are the first steps in the NFT gaming space.

Chose An Exchange

The following section discusses the best crypto exchanges and NFT marketplaces for buying in-game assets.

Alvexo – Trade Multiple Crypto Assests to Invest in NFT Games UK

Alvexo Homepage

In 2014, the Alvexo trading platform was established as a forex and CFD trading website. In comparison with other brokers, Alvexo is one of the top brokers, with more than 650,000 registrations. With Alvexo, you can trade CFDs on over 450 tradable assets across five categories. It is worth mentioning that the technology used by this CFD broker is an important factor in the trading environment.

The Alvexo platform offers over 400 assets, including currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. It does not offer NFTs, but you can exchange crypto for them. So if you want to diversify your portfolio successfully, Alvexo may be a good option.

What Are NFT Games?

A NFT game can be defined as a game that incorporates NFTs. Unlike other forms of NFTs, NFT games come with player interactions, avatars, and weapons purchases, and through the play-to-earn model, gamers can generate income from them as well.

In NFT gaming, unique and limited tokens are created that can be traded, with each non-fungible token existing in a decentralized digital ledger based on blockchain technology. Developers create smart contracts that make up the rules for the NFTs used within a game, while gamers can swap, create, and implement NFTs within the game. Please read our article on how to buy an NFT for more information.

Are NFT Game Tokens A Good Investment?

Any gaming advertisement that claims you can earn income just by playing isn’t a scam. Unfortunately, there are scams, but NFT gaming can be a viable way to earn money through gaming.

Profits can be earned through NFT gaming in several ways. Among the most popular NFT games, today are play-to-earn games. You can earn rewards in these games by completing challenges, defeating levels, or even playing more often. In addition, assets earned, such as NFTs, cryptocurrency, or player skins, can be traded for rewards or sold for cryptocurrency.

Some play-to-earn games are free to start, while others require that you purchase a stake in the game to begin playing.

Alternatives include playing games like CryptoKitties, where you can earn in-game NFTs that only have value within the game. Then you sell them for cryptocurrency – in CryptoKitties’ case, Ethereum – which you can sell for U.S. dollars or hold onto if you think it’ll rise. NFTs are highly speculative investments, and you could lose money as easily as you could make it.

In games like CryptoBlades and Cryptovoxels, you can also earn money by creating your own NFTs. Decentraland is also a metaverse neighborhood where you can play. Objects, wearables, and collectibles can be created and sold for royalties.

You will likely have the opportunity to trade your NFTs when you play an NFT game. However, since NFTs are non-fungible, a trade may result in a loss or gain because two NFTs are not worth the same amount. The good news is that you can trade NFTs for other items that will help you progress in the game or earn high-value NFTs by trading them for items other players need.

You should understand the value of your NFTs if you intend to trade them. The value of NFTs depends on their rarity, their specific attributes, and their utility in the game, as well as their intrinsic appeal to players.

Best NFT Games UK To Invest In- Conclusion

NFT games have been explained in this guide. In addition, this article discussed the many ways to earn rewards through NFT games, focusing on in-game digital tokens and unique NFTs.

Nevertheless, if you want to invest in NFTs, we strongly recommend you take a look at Silks. As a result of its unique gaming dynamics and a vibrant metaverse economy, it stands out in the NFT market. Moreover, NFT gaming’s ambitious roadmap lays out its future.

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.


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