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Meme coins are back in business in 2023, led by the recent spree of tokens like Pepe Coin, Turbo, or Wojak. Copium Club ($COPIUM) is a new frontrunner in the ‘low risk, high return’ meme coin niche as of May. The latest addition to the list of meme coins has managed to explode by 800% shortly after its launch earlier this week during its listing on Uniswap. This community-backed meme token is said to be a lifeline for those who missed the opportunity to invest in earlier waves of $SHIBA, $DOGE, or $PEPE. This guide will walk you through a brief overview and provide detailed steps on how to buy $COPIUM tokens. Continue reading as we learn more about the project and its investment details in the following sections. 

How To Buy $COPIUM Online- Step by Step


Like many new meme coin projects, investors can join the COPIUM crypto project via the Uniswap decentralized exchanges. The token is yet to be a part of centralized exchanges as it continues to be in its early stages of development

So here’s a quick overview of how to invest in COPIUM:

  1. Sign up for a reliable crypto exchange to purchase crypto tokens
  2. Register for an account
  3. Make an initial deposit into your wallet
  4. Connect your wallet to Uniswap
  5. Search for the $COPIUM pair and swap your tokens for COPIUM

Following the above-mentioned steps, you can swap your cryptos for COPIUM in no time. It’s as simple as entering a marketplace to buy the other tokens. 

However, if you’re still confused, let’s have a step-by-step walkthrough of how to buy COPIUM online in the following section. 

Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of How To Buy COPIUM

Before buying the COPIUM token, you need to register with a reliable crypto exchange. The UK has numerous exchanges listed for trading digital assets, and you can chose whichever one best suits you.

Step 1: Purchase Cryptos 

Since the COPIUM tokens are designed on the Ethereum blockchain, you must purchase some ETH to swap that altcoin with COPIUM later. Purchase some ETH from your chosen exchange.

Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Step 2: Move cryptos to the DeFi wallet

Now that you’ve acquired the ETH tokens, it’s time to move your cryptos to a DeFi wallet that can be connected to a decentralized exchange. 

Step 3: Connect wallet to Uniswap

For the next step, connect your DeFi wallet to Uniswap. Open the Uniswap web application to get started. 

Now that you’re on the application click on the ‘connect wallet’ option in the middle or on the top-right corner of the page. After clicking, select from the given list of options. 

However, if your wallet is not listed, click ‘Wallet Connect’ to choose from the list of supported wallets. Or you can also select your wallet by name or scan the QR code in your mobile wallet app. 

Step 4: Search for $COPIUM pair

Now that you’ve successfully connected your wallet to Uniswap, it’s time to execute the final few steps of investing in COPIUM. For this step, you must visit the Uniswap marketplace and look for the ‘COPIUM’ pair among the list of options. 

Step 5: Swap cryptos for $COPIUM

For the final step, you must swap your crypto for COPIUM tokens. Since you have Ethereum in your wallet, you must look for an ‘ETH-COPIUM’ trading pair to execute the order. 

To do the same, select ‘ETH’, click on the ‘Select Token’ section, and enter or copy & paste the COPIUM smart contract address. Now, enter the number of ETH you want to swap for the COPIUM token and proceed with the swap. 

Once done, you’ll have access to COPIUM tokens in no time. 

Note: Ensure that you check the spillage during the transaction. It is a necessary step that considers price variance and may need to be set at 5% or more. 

Invest wisely in crypto pre-sales.

What Is the Copium Club?


COPIUM is a recently launched meme token in the straight-to-DEX category after hosting an exclusive presale. This unique, captivating meme coin project is designed to help combat the ‘FOMO’ investors generally have about missed opportunities in the crypto world. The project tends to understand that factor and leverage the concept while providing valuable rewards through token and airdrop offerings making $COPIUM one of the best meme tokens on the market. 

However, as per the community behind the COPIUM meme token, the project is powered by humour, consistency, and the shared experience of navigating the volatile crypto market. The project aims to help investors overcome their past regrets about not investing in high-potential meme tokens. 

COPIUM crypto portrays the internet’s true essence with the help of its vibrant team of crypto enthusiasts and meme creators who support the project. The project represents a shared experience that will convert regrets into riches. 

What’s more? COPIUM also has an upcoming NFT airdrop feature to incentivize its early-bird investors. All these unique features and a sense of camaraderie have made COPIUM a talked-about project in the industry. Besides, the project’s potential can also be witnessed in the success of its pre-sale and its recent launch, where it pumped up to 800% post-Uniswap listing. 

COPIUM Club Key Features

✔️Token Unlocking Structure

The token unlocking structure is another feature that adds to the potential of the $COPIUM meme token. The project immediately unlocks 10% of your pre-sale tokens, leaving the remainder unlocked over three weeks. 

This way, the project prevents pre-sale buyers from selling their tokens immediately, avoiding a “pump and dump” in the market. This way, the COPIUM project ensures a fair launch of its project while giving priority to investors’ safety.

✔️Innovative Concept 

The COPIUM project revolves around a unique opportunity. The project combines the idea of monetisation with meme tokens and includes humour to provide potential financial gain to its investors. 

The project aims to help people combat FOMO and missed opportunities around past projects. Besides, the project aims to provide value to its investors over time. 

✔️Access To NFT Airdrop

The rewarding incentives are one of the key features of the COPIUM Club. The project offers an NFT airdrop to its top investors, who held a significant amount of the token during its pre-sale. This feature rewards the most loyal investors, as they can visually track their investments growth as they fill the token tank across 20 tiers.

Invest wisely in crypto pre-sales

COPIUM Tokenomics

Copium tokenomics

The tokenomics of a project play a significant role in its appeal to investors. Projects with reasonable distribution and limited token supply often attract large investments compared to projects with a recurring supply of their tokens. 

$COPIUM crypto also has a robust tokenomics structure. The project is limited to a maximum supply of 1 billion COPIUM tokens, of which 30% are up for pre-sale. 

Other than its pre-sale, here’s an overview of the tokenomics distribution of the project:

Liquidity Pool – 25%

Marketing – 33.31%

Airdrop – 1%

Team – 0.69%

Future Developments & Partnerships – 10%

Looking at the token distribution, it’s evident that the COPIUM meme token project stands true to its vision of converting ‘regret to riches.’ The company has dedicated nearly 33.31 million COPIUM tokens towards marketing, which will help push the project to new heights and increase its investors’ returns. 

Their commitment to marketing and distribution is also evident from the 1% tokens allocated towards airdrops to reward the community. Additionally, the development team involved in the COPIUM crypto has reserved only 0.69% of the allocation for themselves. 

What’s more? $COPIUM also features an NFT airdrop that adds to the project’s hype. The drop will be allocated to the top 200 investors within the first two hours of the launch. It will be based on the number of tokens held multiplied by the number of minutes the tokens have been held for. 

Project Roadmap

COPIUM primarily aims to foster a community committed to the project’s growth. It aims to achieve such a feat using a blend of well-designed incentives, exclusive NFT rewards, and lucrative opportunities for its investors. 

As the crypto industry’s latest addition, $COPIUM is currently focused on brand exposure for the next few months. The project plans to grow its community and take measurable steps to increase its user base in the coming years. 

Other project roadmap ideas include ambitious plans like collaborating with centralized exchanges and partnering with different crypto payment platforms. Besides, COPIUM also plans to launch a native staking platform to keep up with the rewarding experience for its investors. 

The COPIUM team highlights that its roadmap is flexible and aims to work on it alongside focusing on transparency and innovation, which are its key USPs. 

Pros & Cons Of Investing In $COPIUM



  • Unique project with strong community support.
  • Copium Club offers exclusive events which encourage investors to increase their stake.
  • $COPIUM is backed by a strong community and social media presence.
  • $COPIUM is currently very undervalued.

  • New project could be prone to volatility.
  • It is not possible to invest via presale.

COPIUM Price Prediction 2024

2023 marks the first year for the COPIUM meme token project. The project was launched in Q2 of 2023 and has gathered a lot of hype around it. Its popularity is primarily due to its unique vision and mission, rewards, unique marketing, and a sense of community that backs the project. 


Source: CoinMarketCap

Besides, COPIUM is one of the few projects to have gained 800% at its pre-sale launch. The project began its journey at $0.001 and quickly jumped to $0.005 within a day. Looking at its price movement in the past 24 hours, it’s evident that the project is moving under a bullish influence. 

However, since the project was only launched earlier this week, there’s been no significant data or price movement for the COPIUM tokens. Therefore, it’s too early to comment on a possible price for the project. 

But, considering its recent price movement, the community behind the project, and the current market conditions, our COPIUM price prediction for this year suggests the possibility of COPIUM hitting $0.5 by the end of 2023.

Note: This price prediction results from analysis and the latest market movement. However, since these are mere predictions, we suggest you research wisely before investing in COPIUM

Invest wisely in crypto pre-sales

Is $COPIUM The Next Meme Token To Explode?

Whether the COPIUM project is the next meme token to explode is hard to say. Given the volatile nature of the crypto industry, it’s a challenge to be sure of investments that will make a difference in the long term. However, even after the market volatility, we can’t overlook some crucial factors and early success indicators of the COPIUM project. 

For starters, the $COPIUM meme token has become the talk of the town among keen investors and analysts. The credit for the project’s hype goes to the significant hype that the project has generated on social media. It is backed by a strong community with tens of thousands of active followers, including some alpha groups of investors. 

Additionally, the COPIUM Club has attracted some big players like the FaZe Banks and Cozomo de’ Medici, prominent NFT investors whose inclusion has piqued the project’s attention. Afterall, $COPIUM plans to position itself as one of the best NFT projects after the upcoming NFT drop. 

However, that’s not all. The launch’s fairness and the token’s vesting period contribute to its early success. The project has only unlocked 10% of its pre-sale buyer’s bag, while the remainder will be unlocked over the next three weeks to prevent any chance of pump and dump. 

What’s more? The COPIUM developer’s promise to burn nearly 30% of their supply, or 300 million tokens, is another crucial factor in the project’s success.

Therefore, looking at such crucial indicators, it’s evident that COPIUM can succeed as a meme token. However, whether it is the next meme token to explode is only a possibility that will become clear as the project passes a few months in the market.

How To Buy $COPIUM Online 2024– Conclusion

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to buy COPIUM online. Looking at the earlier sections, it’s evident that COPIUM is a recently launched, high-potential meme token. The project can explode in the next few weeks or months.

Besides, it has attracted significant investment from keen investors and piqued the interest of influential community members. Therefore, considering the fair launch, unique features, tokenomics, and rewarding incentives of the COPIUM meme token, many analysts predict the project’s positive and successful future. 

However, ensure that you thoroughly research the project before putting your money into COPIUM. All the best! 

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Invest wisely in crypto pre-sales.



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