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How to trade the British options market 

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UK Options Market

The United Kingdom is famous for its tea culture and its options market – one of the most progressive in the world today. 

The UK has a tiny population compared to countries like China or India, yet it still manages to be one of the largest global economies. It is mainly due to how developed each sector of the economy within the country is and how much influence it carries over other countries around the world.  

Because this market is so influential globally, there are certain things that people need to do a different way when trading here than they would anywhere else—something that this article will tell you about. 

All required option types available for trading in Britain 

Before attempting to trade any options in Britain, it is essential to make sure they are available.  

There are many different types of options for traders to choose from when trading in Britain—something that most other countries do not have.  

Some common types of options trading available in most other major economies include Binary Options, Listed Options, Digital Options, and Ladder Options, but these are not present in this market.  

Instead, traders will need to focus on more traditional forms of derivatives such as Put/Call options, One Touch options etc. Decide what type of investors you wish to target because the UK option market is tiny and compact.  

There is a lot of competition among traders who wish to stand out from each other. As such, it’s essential that before you start trading options here, you decide what type of clients you would like to cater for.  

It can include: 

Low/no risk investors 

These investors are typically risk-averse individuals who do not want to take on too much risk when trading their money around online. They should be catered towards safer forms of derivatives such as Put options and Call options instead of something like Binary Options, which come with a lot more risk attached.  

It could cause them significant financial losses if they don’t know what they are doing. These traders tend to be younger and prefer their options trading account to be safe and secure. 

High-risk investors 

On the other hand, a high-risk investor also likes taking on more risk than your conventional trader and sees every opportunity under the sun as a good one to bet on.  

This type of trader typically trades Binary Options or Asian Options because they don’t require much time attached, making them very convenient for investors to use when caught up in an impulse trade.  

These individuals should be catered towards with such derivatives to take advantage of how quickly these investments can rise or fall depending on market conditions at any given moment in time. 

Learn the rules of trading with BOE 

It is essential to understand how trading these types of derivatives are different from what you would be used to if you come from another country.   

The following is about Britain’s options market to catch new traders off-guard.  

FreeZE periods 

Because this market is so tiny, the BOE has reduced how much money can be withdrawn on any given day. It causes most investors who wish to withdraw their winnings early to “FreeZE” their account for a minimum period of two days before being able to withdraw any more money.  

It means that when you make profits through your trades, it is usually best to leave them within your account for some time before withdrawing because there is a chance that your account could be frozen if you withdraw too much money within one day. 

The BOE’s take profit system 

It can catch most traders off-guard, mainly if they are used to dealing with an exchange like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) or the Deutsche Boerse (XETRA). 

On these exchanges, once you make a prosperous trade and wish to collect your winnings, then all you need to do is press the ‘close’ button on your platform and collect profits immediately afterwards—no fuss involved.   

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