Author : Gary McFarlane

Gary McFarlane

Gary was the production editor for 15 years at highly regarded UK investment magazine Money Observer. He covered subjects as diverse as social trading and fixed income exchange traded funds. Gary initiated coverage of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at Money Observer and for three years to July 2020 was the cryptocurrency analyst at the UK’s No. 2 investment platform interactive investor. In that role he provided expert commentary to a diverse number of newspapers, and other media outlets, including the Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and the Sun. Gary has also written widely on cryptocurrencies for various industry publications, such as CoinDesk and Inside Bitcoins. Gary is the winner of Cryptocurrency Writer of the Year in the 2018 ADVFN International Awards.

What is free cash flow?

What is free cash flow? Free cash flow is the amount of money a company generates in its normal business operations. It includes expenditure for…
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What is the EV to EBITDA ratio?

What does the EV to EBITDA ratio do? Enterprise value (EV) to earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) is the ratio of the…
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What is the debt-to-equity ratio?

What does the debt-to-equity ratio do? This ratio looks at how much debt a company is using to finance its operations. Analysts and shareholders deploy…
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What is the price to book ratio?

What is the price-to-book ratio? The price-to-book (or market to book) ratio compares a company’s net asset value (shareholders’ equity) against the market value of…
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What is the return on equity ratio?

What does the return-on-equity ratio do? Return-on-equity ratio measures shareholders’ return on investment. Investors use it to determine how well a company is sweating its…
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What is the price to earnings ratio?

What does the price-to-earnings ratio do? The price-to-earnings ratio helps investors to decide whether a stock is an expensive or cheap investment. It is calculated…
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