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It’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for the next up-and-coming stock trading opportunity. For many UK traders, that new opportunity might be the sports data company Sportradar.

Endorsed by Michael Jordan and known financial investors, Sportradar recently expanded with an IPO and is now listed on the NASDAQ. While its shares aren’t available in the UK just yet, they might soon be. It’s a good idea to prepare for Sportradar trading ASAP.

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What is Sportradar?

Sportradar is a multinational corporation founded in 2001. To date, it has 35 offices spread throughout 19 countries, including the US, Australia, Singapore, the UK, and more.

What does it do? It collects and analyzes sports data and then uses that data to provide services to sports federations, media companies, sportsbook operators, and more. Whenever you hear about a sportsbook forming its odds with “official” data, odds are that those numbers came from an organization like Sportradar.

Luckily for Sportradar, sports betting has only become more popular as countries like the US and Canada have legalized sports wagering. Over time, Sportradar has undergone many mergers and acquisitions and now has key partnerships with NASCAR, the NFL, the NBA, and other major sports federations.

Even beyond that, it has attracted many notable investors, like Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan of the NBA himself.

Sportradar IPO

More importantly, Sportradar launched an IPO or initial public offering on the NASDAQ just last week. While it originally planned a merger with a special purpose acquisition company, that deal fell through, which is great news for you!

But that’s not all. Sportradar recently announced a partnership with FanDuel Group: a major sportsbook and gaming entertainment operator. This partnership should last until 2028, ensuring that Sportradar will be a major force in sports betting for at least the next decade.

Sportradar Stock Price

Upon its IPO on September 14, Sportradar was set at an initial stock price of $25.05 per share. This quickly rose to $27, then dipped down to $25.90. The stock price may have risen rapidly because Michael Jordan increased his investment in Sportradar stock shortly after its IPO.

It is likely going to fluctuate a bit over the next few weeks as its true price is discovered by people buying and selling the stock while analyzing the company’s performance after the IPO.

This is good news for any investors who want to invest in Sportradar before its price gets even higher. Given that each share is still in the $20 range, is very accessible even for budget-minded investors who may not have thousands of dollars to throw at the stock market at this time.

Sportradar Dividends

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to investing in Sportradar: the shares don’t provide dividends at this time. This isn’t altogether surprising given that Sportradar has just made its initial public offering and only recently entered the stock market.

In the future, it may decide to offer dividends to its investors. But this will likely be after some time has passed and it has become a more stable presence on the market.

Still, if you believe in Sportradar shares and think they will go far, it might be worthwhile to invest now while the stock price is so low. You could end up benefiting from dividends in the future!

Is Sportradar a Good Buy?

If you’re considering making some trades on the UK market, you might wonder whether it’s a good idea to buy Sportradar shares. Remember that any investment on the stock market is essentially a bet; you are wagering that the price of your asset will go up and that you’ll be able to sell your shares for a greater price or collect dividends in the future.

In our eyes, Sportradar is a well-established sports data company and sports betting – its chief industry – is only becoming more popular with time. Given that, it’s more than possible that Sportradar’s shares will become more valuable in the near future. We think that at least a moderate position in Sportradar is a smart investing strategy for many UK stock investors.

But it’s ultimately up to you whether Sportradar stock is a good purchase for your portfolio. Consider your risk tolerance level, your budget, and whether you want to risk your money on a currently untested stock market asset.

Sportradar Shares: Buy or Sell?

So, are Sportradar shares a buy or sell opportunity? As we have discussed, sports betting is more popular than ever and is likely going to become even more popular over the next few years. Since sportsbook operators require companies like Sportradar to offer official, player-friendly odds, Sportradar’s business model is booming and they are likely going to increase in value in the near future.

Additionally, major investors like Mark Cuban and sports stars like Michael Jordan have announced their support for Sportradar. This is sure to drum up a lot of popular support, further increasing the stock price.


All in all, you can – and probably should! – buy Sportradar shares with an FCA broker, the best stock trading platform for investors in the UK. Some brokers allow you to make an investment starting today with a minimum $50 deposit and don’t charge any commission fees.

Plus, you can copy the trades of other successful investors, buy and sell assets for over 800 other companies, and more. Given that Sportradar’s stock market success is just beginning, there’s no better time to invest in this up-and-coming company.


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