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The last decade has witnessed a tremendous shift in priority towards environmental friendliness for both companies and their consumers. Such environmentally sustainable moves have spawned the need for brands and services focused on reducing their carbon footprint. Interestingly, the trend has also ventured into the once energy-hungry crypto industry. 

Impt.io is one project that is focused on introducing a sustainable blockchain-based solution to current problems. The project is designed to be a large-scale ecosystem that rewards its participants for their eco-conscious decisions. 

However, that’s not all. Multiple factors make IMPT one of the most innovative tokens available to buy. So continue reading as we explore the different aspects of the project and explore how to invest in IMPT in UK in the following sections. Let’s get started. 

How To Buy IMPT UK In 2024 Step-by-Step?- Best Green Crypto Project

IMPT crypto

Like many new crypto projects, users can now buy IMPT in UK through decentralized exchanges. The token is yet to be listed on centralized exchanges and is still in the early days of its development.

So let’s check out the different steps on how to invest in IMPT in UK in the following blog sections.

Step 1: Purchase ETH

To buy IMPT, you will need to first hold Ethereum that can be swapped for the token through an exchange. You can use both ETH and USDT to buy IMPT.

To buy cryptos, create a crypto exchange account, depsoit funds and purchase crypto from the market place.

Step 2: Move ETH to MetaMask

The nest step is to move your tokens to a MetaMask wallet. Make sure that you enter the correct wallet address when doing this so that you don’t loose your crypto!

Step 3: Connect MetaMask with UniSwap

Next, connect your MetaMask wallet to the UniSwap exchange. To do this, you will need to enter your wallet passphrase and install the MetaMask browser extension.

Swap ETH for IMPT

Lastly, swap your ETH tokens for IMPT with the token swapping feature on UniSwap. IMPT will then appear in your MetaMask wallet.

Crypto assets are unregulated in some parts of the UK. Invest wisely.

How To Buy IMPT Explained

Above is just a brief description of how to invest in IMPT. If you’re still a little confused, here is a more in-depth guide to buying IMPT in the UK.

Step 1: Purchase ETH

Since IMPT can only be purchased via ETH or USDT, you first must sign up with a reliable crypto exchange to purchase the tokens.

Deposit funds

Once your crypto wallet is ready, you must deposit funds in the second step. After that, you can choose among the multiple payment methods (debit card, credit card, wallet, or wire transfer). 

Search for ETH

In the third step, you need to search for ETH by moving to the exchange marketplace. Once in that section, type ETH to proceed with Ethereum investments. Then, proceed by typing the number of ETH tokens you’d like to swap with your funds. 

Execute Order

After following all the steps, you’ll need to finalise your payment by accepting the gas fee for your ETH purchase. 

Note: You can follow the same procedure to fund your wallet with USDT. 

Step 2: Move ETH From wallet to MetaMask wallet 

Users must move their ETH/USDT from the exchange to their MetaMask wallet in the second step. To proceed with the same, click on the portfolio tab and choose the quantity and the token you want to move. After selecting, link your wallet to the MetaMask wallet by adding the wallet address and proceeding with the transfer. 

Step 3: Open the UniSwap exchange

In the third stage, you must visit the UniSwap exchange website and connect your MetaMask wallet to the site through the browser extension. 

How to check that a website is legit

There are multiple ways to check whether or not a website is legit. Here’s a quick checklist to give you an insight into the legitimacy of a website: 

  1. Look for the website’s trust seal
  2. Does it have digital verification or HTTPS
  3. Check their contact page
  4. Look for their social media presence

Websites that pass these criteria can be considered safe and reliable.

Step 4: Buy IMPT with ETH/USDT

Once you have connected your wallet to the exchange, you will be able to swap ETH for IMPT. You may need to add IMPT as a token to your wallet before doing this.

To swap tokens, navigate to Uniswap’s token swap and enter the amount of ETH that you would like to swap for IMPT.

Crypto assets are unregulated in some parts of the UK. Invest wisely.

What Is IMPT?IMPT logo

IMPT is a blockchain-based initiative that allows organisations and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint securely and efficiently. The objective of this blockchain project is simple; it aims to provide everyone with a chance to reduce global carbon emissions and bring a reform in the industry. 

The project IMPT.io connects its users to various environmental projects around the world to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, it collaborates with numerous retail businesses that store a specific amount of their sale margin towards such environmental programs, further developed as IMPT tokens for the users.


Increased carbon emissions have become one of the major threats to the modern world. The contamination of contagious carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has increased considerably over the past years, resulting in global warming, among other concerning problems all across the planet. 

Besides, while there have been initiatives to reduce the abrupt expansion of the poisonous gas, it was only recently that we started to focus on goods and services that would leave an almost negligible to zero carbon trail. Interestingly, blockchain and decentralisation have also made their way into these carbon reduction programs in the form of IMPT. 

Apart from the token, the platform also has a reliable networking site where different users can compare the amount of carbon they have offset. So once the users have gathered enough carbon tokens and converted them to tokens, they are rewarded with a special IMPT NFT. Interestingly, these NFTs have several fundamentals, making them an in-demand digital art that can be sold or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

Impt.io Carbon Credit Exchange

The carbon credit exchange is the platform that allows customers to buy or sell their carbon credits in return for IMPT tokens. As mentioned, once the users have tokenized their carbon credits, they receive them as NFTs over a decentralised ledger. This way, the NFTs guarantee the traceability and transparency of these digital assets, preventing double counting and fraud since the transactions are all recorded on the distributed ledger.

Also, once the user has used up all of their carbon credits, the burned NFTs are sent to a null address, which gets rid of all the digital art. This way, the transaction is recorded on the blockchain, making the NFT worthless. Besides, every time users retire their carbon credits; they’re rewarded with a unique NFT designed by artists. These NFTs can also be traded at different places. As they become rarer over time, they are worth a lot more. 

In addition, the platform also provides users with a 10% share of all the activities within it, including revenue from shopping on their website, selling carbon credits in the form of tokens, the purchase of carbon credits, and NFT trading.

IMPT tokenomics


When discussing a crypto project, you can’t overlook its tokenomics. So to give you a better insight into the project, we’ve chalked out some features and functionality that make it a reliable investment option in the long term. So continue reading as we look into the different aspects of the project and get an idea of whether it’s feasible to buy IMPT in the long term. 

Magic Of Shopping

The IMPT.io token is developed to assist its platform users in reducing overall carbon emissions while shopping. This way, the platform enables them to address CO2 emissions responsibly. 

Its online widget brand allows customers to purchase their products from its partnering brands via online and offline mediums. Once they agree to shop on the platform, they can access their wallets’ sales margin in IMPT tokens. However, the percentage of the sale that individual brands set aside may differ.

Several Brand Options To Shop From

Once the token’s use cases are live, the project will be joined by over 10,000 connected brands on IMPT.io. Additionally, these brands will offer over 2 billion unique items in different categories for the users to shop from. Once the project can reach its use case threshold, new brands will be delivered to the retailer team and spread across the project every month. 

This way, individual brands on the platform can assess and monitor how their actions affect the environment and limit sustainable development on the IMPT.io social platform. Each brand will have a specific score it can raise by engaging in multiple activities, including online operations, connecting its store with IMPT.io and rewarding the users’ purchase.

Option To Invest In Environmental Project 

Next, the possibility to invest in different environmental projects makes IMPT.io one of the unique projects. Since its formation, hundreds of the most crucial environmental initiatives across the globe have partnered with IMPT.io. 

Besides, the IMPT.io project only allows globally accredited projects. This way, it ensures the authenticity of every carbon offset project listed with them. The project is entitled to review and select individual projects carefully. 

Once signed up, you can witness projects like production facilities for sustainable energy, wind farms, and forest conservation, among other innovative ideas that can significantly impact our everyday lifestyle. 

Sustainable Blockchain

The ‘sustainability’ factor is one of the most crucial aspects of signing up for the IMPT.io project. With its vision to create an equitable and transparent carbon credit economy, it focuses on allowing users the beneficial influence of using Blockchain technology for the environment. 

Being one of a kind, the project tackles one of the most crucial pain points of using Blockchain technology, its carbon footprint. Since IMPT tokens are developed using the latest Ethereum Blockchain, the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism allows for a 99.99% reduction in CO2 emissions.


NFTs have become one of the most significant investment tools for modern-day crypto enthusiasts. After being virtually unheard of, it was only recently that digital art gained prominence, turning into a multibillion-dollar industry, with most of its art pieces fetching market value in thousands of dollars. 

Interestingly, IMPT.io has incorporated the NFT elements into its project as well. Users who buy the token from the IMPT presale can convert it into carbon credits. To attract more users to the cause, this planet conservationist project also allows the users of the IMPT token to convert their tokens to NFTs. 

Members signing up for the platform can contribute towards reducing carbon emissions by burning their on-platform IMPT tokens. This way, once they’ve contributed to the preservation of nature, their tokens are removed from circulation. Instead, the users are compensated with a unique NFT that can be stored and traded for other cryptocurrencies. 

IMPT.io’s use of NFTs to generate a trackable carbon token that can be verified adds to its potential as a ground-breaking project. However, that’s not why you could participate in the IMPT presale. So continue reading as we look into the project’s future roadmap ahead. 

Project Roadmap

Phase 1: Q3-Q4 2022

For phase 1, the project has already launched its website and registered itself for presales. During this phase, IMPT has marketed itself as one of the most sustainable cryptos available on the market. Adding to it, this year also witnessed the growth of its social media across different platforms.

For the project’s second phase this year, the IMPT presale went live in two instalments, Presale 1 and 2, where buyers could purchase their tokens at the best possible price. Following the presale stages, users will be introduced to the unique NFTs, IMPT will be listed on the crypto exchange, and the project will continue to build a strong community. 

Phase 2: Q1 2023

(January, February, and March)

For its second phase, IMPT has plans to introduce a second presale, where enthusiasts who initially missed out can bid on the project. Following this, there would be another IMPT presale event in the initial months of 2023. Here’s a timeline of the events: 

  • Presale 2
  • Airdrop
  • Presale 3
  • Marketing Activities
  • Merchandise Launch

Phase 3: Q2 2023

(April, May, and June)

The IMPT token will explore its token listing and growth in its final phase. Besides, investors will also be able to invest in the token directly via its marketplace. Here’s a timeline of the events in the second quarter of 2023: 

  • Token Listing
  • Marketplace Launch
  • Continued Platform Development
  • Community Expansions
  • New Acquisitions & Partnerships
  • Marketing Activities

Crypto assets are unregulated in some parts of the UK. Invest wisely

Who Is The Team Behind IMPT?

IMPT is backed by a community of socially responsible brands and businesses. In addition, the project is backed by professionals like Denis Creighton (CEO), Mike English (CTO), and Hugh Phelan (CLO), among others on the team. 

Can You Buy IMPT in the UK Right Now?

Considering the project’s potential, you might have already looked for how to invest in IMPT UK. Interestingly, the CEX listings on Changelly Pro and LBank now allow you to buy IMPT in the country. All you need to do is connect your wallet and secure the tokens in exchange for ETH or USDT. 

What Is The Current Price of IMPT?

The IMPT token is currently selling for around $0.0153. The price has dropped since the token launch however, many predict that it will rise again very soon as the project develops.

Besides, here are some functionalities that could push the price of the IMPT tokens:

Major Growth Possibilities 

IMPT could be one of the best crypto projects right now because it could help cut down on carbon emissions. Also, unlike most other cryptocurrency presale projects, IMPT has already made a number of important connections that could help it enter new markets and grow in the future. Overall, the program also has many built-in benefits for commercial and consumer uses.

An Emerging Market to Break Into

Currently, two types of carbon offsets are available on the market: those mandated by law and those undertaken voluntarily (VCM). In terms of market growth, the VCM is expected to grow by 25 times by 2050, while the current market condition has expanded by 128% since 2008. This is where IMPT enters the picture as a project that will be involved in both market conditions and provide excellent expansion potential across these fronts. 

Converging Blockchain Technology and Nature

Cryptocurrencies have long been criticised for their high energy usage and the potential to impact the environment. Thanks to the PoW consensus, most market performers would draw more electricity per transaction. 

However, this is where IMPT enters as a clear, transparent, and energy-effective blockchain. This project could attract several green investors who were previously against the crypto sector. 

When backed by increased demand, such functionalities could result in a high price jump for the token. 

What Tokens Can Be Used to Buy IMPT?

Currently, investors can only swap their IMPT tokens for ETH and USDT. However, once the token is in its final stages of development, users can witness an increase in the number of tokens they can swap for. 

Is The IMPT Carbon Credit Exchange Available in The UK?

Yes, investors can now buy IMPT in the UK. All they need to do is visit IMPT.io and sign up for their presale event. Once done, you can follow the steps mentioned in the earlier section of the blog. 

Other Prmising Cryptos To Watch In 2024

Presale events are the best opportunity to get hold of crypto projects at the fairest price. Interestingly, many of the premier altcoins we see today got their start after a successful presale phase. 

So if the IMPT presale has impressed you, here’s a list of other presale events that you could buy in 2024. Let’s take a closer look at some of these impressive presale projects that you could add to your portfolio before their value multiplies. 

Dash2Trade | D2T

Next on our list of possible presale projects is Dash2Trade. Possibly the most unique tokens, Dash2Trade is no initiative or a large-scale project but a trading platform that traders create. Unlike other altcoins listed for presale, this token will allow visitors to earn profits while becoming better investors and well-informed traders. 

Speaking of some stand-out features, the D2T trading platform includes signals like purchase and sale opportunities, on-chain analysis, and social sentiment alongside an effective strategy builder for better investments.

Talking about its USP, the trading platform is among the most innovative aspects of the project. The latest crypto trading dashboard has been the centre point for investors since its launch. The project attracted a presale of over $500,000 in the first 24 hours of its launch. Fast forward a month after its live presale, and the token has reached its final stage while generating over $8.5 million over multiple stages. 

At first, D2T’s roadmap said that the presale would have about nine rounds and give out a total of 665 million tokens. However, following the recent collapse of FTX, the developers have decided to bring the project forward.

With the current corrections in place, the token drastically reduced from an initial offering of 700 million tokens with a $40 million hard cap to 262,500 million tokens and a corrected hard capital of $13,420,000.

Overall, the project has been viewed as a potential investment, with plans to list on major exchanges such as BitMart and LBank, and it is expected to expand to more mainstream exchanges in the coming years. 

Currently, at its final stage, the D2T tokens are available for $0.0533, allowing investors to secure the token before it booms and opens at much higher rates in crypto exchanges. 


Pre-Sale Starts At  October 19
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, Transak
Chain Ethereum
Investment (Min) 1,000 D2T
Investment (Max)


Crypto assets are unregulated in some parts of the UK. Invest wisely.


Last on our list of the top presale projects you could be looking forward to is Calvaria, an emerging battle-card game with P2E gaming prospects. This project makes a difference with its appeal among the traditional gaming community. 

Besides, although the market is flooded with dozens of crypto gaming projects, only some have successfully garnered mainstream user attention. This is where Calvaria enters as a simple blockchain game that provides gamers with gripping game mechanics and a simple UI.

Available as a free-to-play option on the App Store or Google Play, users need to install the game to get started with its gaming mechanics. Then, once the players have achieved finesse in their gameplay, they can switch to the play-to-earn version to profit from their gameplay. 

As per the whitepaper of this game, Calvaria revolves around the afterlife, a concept that hasn’t been explored much in the gaming sector. The game takes place in the Metaverse, where users can play the two minigames that are currently available on the platform. 

Regarding investment, the project currently runs a presale event for its native RIA token. With a total supply of 1,000,000,000 RIA, 15% (150 million) of the capital is set aside for the ongoing presale event, which is divided into five rounds (30 million tokens are available for each round). 

Currently, at its final stage, the project has less than 25 million RIA tokens available at $0.0325, marking a 225% increase from its stage 1 presale.

Pre-Sale Starts At  October 31
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH 
Chain Ethereum
Investment (Min) 1,000 RIA
Investment (Max)


Crypto assets are unregulated in some parts of the UK. Invest wisely

How To Buy IMPT in The UK 2024– Conclusion

This brings us to the end of our blog on ‘how to invest in IMPT UK.’ As was already said, the token’s value comes from a number of things, including its use, discounts on brand purchases, and unique NFTs. 

Even though the presale has ended, there  is still time to buy IMPT before CEX listings. Invest now to profit from future gains!

Crypto assets are unregulated in some parts of the UK. Invest wisely



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