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Bitcoin Up Review UK

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If you’re keen on accessing the multi-billion pound cryptocurrency arena – but you don’t quite know how to trade digital assets, you might be considering an automated system. One such provider that you might have come across recently is Bitcoin Up.

In this review, we cover everything there is know about Bitcoin Up. This includes a break down of how the platform works, account minimums, and what risks you need to be aware of.

Bitcoin Up at a Glance

System Type Crypto Trading Platform
Minimum Deposit $250 (£181)
Leveraged Trading Yes
Withdrawal Timescale 48 hours
Mobile App? Yes – available on Android
Supported Cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, LTC

What is Bitcoin Up?

In a nutshell, Bitcoin Up is an online platform that offers cryptocurrency trading services. Once you register with the provider and make a deposit, you will then have direct access to the Bitcoin Up Platform.

It is claimed that this robot will successfully buy, sell, and trade digital currencies on your behalf – subsequently resulting in a 100% passive experience. As we cover in much more detail later, our Bitcoin Up review found that the platform offers some highly questionable claims.

Bitcoin Up review

For example, as soon as you land on the platform’s website, you are instantly presented with testimonials from apparent “success stories”. If you’re on a hunt for an alternative to Bitcoin Up we recommend considering Bitcoin Motion as one of the leading crypto robots across the board.

This includes “James Kiggins” from Birmingham, who claims to have turned his $250 initial investment into £4,838. The homepage also notes that “Bitcoin Up is not only easy to use buy insanely profitable”. Straight away, although this could well be the case, it does seem like a somewhat aggressive marketing strategy.

With that being said, there appears to be a lot of buzz surrounding the bitcoin trading platform, which is likely how you came across this Bitcoin Up review.

Bitcoin Up Features

bitcoin up logo

If you’re looking to use a crypto robot to help when cryptocurrency trading UK, it’s a good idea to gain an overview of the robot’s features. Found below are some of the top features of the Bitcoin Up system and how they can help optimise your trading.

Potential Returns

As noted on the Bitcoin Up website, the system is claimed to have a 99.4% success rate. Ultimately, this claim is not verifiable, as the website doesn’t have results tracked by Myfxbook or another third-party program. However, with this being said, Bitcoin Up has numerous testimonials of users making upwards of $1200 per day using this system.

Strict Verification

Bitcoin Up ensures the safety of all users by implementing a strict verification process when you sign up. Users must provide some basic personal information, after which a customer service representative will call to confirm you are a real person and accept your registration.

Bitcoin Up crypto robot

Speedy Withdrawals

Another reason Bitcoin Up is one of the best crypto apps is that the withdrawal process is incredibly streamlined. Users can fund their trading accounts via credit/debit card, bank transfer, and e-wallet – with all three methods being accepted for withdrawals too. In terms of timescale, most withdrawals tend to take around 48 hours to appear in your account.

No Fees

Notably, Bitcoin Up is entirely free to use. There are no signup fees or monthly subscription fees, which some may find too good to be true! In addition, Bitcoin Up charges no withdrawal fees either – so if you make $5000 trading the markets, then the entire amount will be yours.

Mobile App

When you buy Bitcoin (or any other crypto), being able to monitor your trades on the go is crucial. Bitcoin Up has a dedicated mobile app available on Android that users can download for free. By using this app, you’ll be able to monitor the robot’s moves and keep tabs on any profits accumulated during the day.

Numerous Affiliated Brokers

Finally, Bitcoin Up has partnered with numerous top brokers to facilitate your trades quickly and safely. Although the specific brokers aren’t noted on the website, Bitcoin Up users have indicated that trades seem to be sanctioned immediately and withdrawal requests processed quickly. This is crucial, as your trading balance will be held with Bitcoin Up’s partner broker – not the system itself.

Bitcoin Up Services

The only “service” that Bitcoin Up offers is that of its automated cryptocurrency trading robot. It allows you to buy Bitcoin and then sell it in a passive manner. You are required to make a deposit at the platform and then activate the robot. We explain how this works in the next section of our Bitcoin Up review.

How Does Bitcoin Up Work?

The process of using Bitcoin Up is actually very simple. Whether or not you will actually make any money by following the steps below remains to be seen. In fact, it is more of a probability than a possibility that Bitcoin Up is a scam website.

Nevertheless, according to the provider itself, this is how the Bitcoin Up bitcoin investment process works.

Step 1: Open an Account

When you first head over to the Bitcoin Up website you will be asked to open an account. This requires some basic information like your name and email address.

bitcoin up sign up

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

As we cover in more detail later on, the minimum deposit at Bitcoin Up is $250 (about £181). You can choose from several payment methods, including debit/credit cards and Paypal.

However, our Bitcoin Up review found that you are actually depositing funds into one of the provider’s partnered brokers.

Step 3: Activate Robot

Once you have met the minimum deposit amount, you then need to activate your Bitcoin Up robot. When you do, the platform claims that the robot will begin placing buy and sell orders on your behalf.

According to Bitcoin Up, the robot bases its trading decisions on pre-defined artificial intelligence conditions.

For example, the robot might be tasked with short-selling Bitcoin when the digital currency declines by more than 8% in 12 hours of trading.

Step 4: Profits and Losses

As you are allowing Bitcoin Up to trade on your behalf, you are at the mercy of the automated robot. That is to say, there is every chance that this robot blows through your entire account balance in a matter of minutes.

And of course, the robot might get lucky and generate gains. Either way, you should be able to see your account balance go up and down via your Bitcoin Up dashboard.

Bitcoin Up Claimed Success Rates

You might not be surprised to learn that there are thousands of so-called Bitcoin robots and automated systems available in the online space.

You might also not be shocked to learn that these providers typically have one thing in common – they all promise unprecedented, “guaranteed” financial results. In cases such as this, if it sounds too good to be true – then you can be 100% sure that this is the case.

bitcoin up testimonials

So where does Bitcoin Up stand when it comes to claimed success rates?

Well, put simply, the claims it makes are nothing short of extraordinary. So extraordinary that we simply do not know whether or not they are credible.

For example, and as we noted earlier, you will instantly be presented with “testimonials” from so-called happy clients when you visit the Bitcoin Up website. On top of James Kiggins from Birmingham, you have “Rachel Green” who claims that she turned $250 into $11,000 in less than one month.

That’s a growth of 4,300% in just four weeks of trading! Then you have “Jeffrey Feldman” from Johannesburg, who claims to have made £9,408 from Bitcoin Up since January 2020.

Bitcoin Up Fees

In terms of Bitcoin Up fees, the provider claims that it does charge anything to use its robot service. In fact, the platform goes one step further by noting that “this may change in the coming days as the demand for new registrations continues to skyrocket”.

Is Bitcoin Up a Scam?

There is no way of truly knowing whether or not Bitcoin Up is a scam without first testing it out with real money. What we can do is look at the red flags.

At the forefront of this is the bold, unverifiable claims that it makes. Whether that’s in the form of “testimonials” or telling potential clients that they can turn $250 into $2,500 in just one day – these claims do seem to be out of the extraordinary.

bitcoin up website claims

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection.

In addition to this, it remains to be seen who owns Bitcoin Up or where the platform is located. There is no information pertaining to its official company name, registered office, telephone number, or email address. As such, if it turns out that Bitcoin Up is a scam – then you might not have anywhere to turn.

Crucially, if you do proceed – it is at your own risk.

Bitcoin Up on Desktop & Mobile App

When you use Bitcoin Up, you don’t need to download or install any software. Instead, the platform claims that you will have instant access to its trading robot as soon as you meet the minimum deposit.

This means that the robot will allegedly trade on your behalf without you need to lift a finger. As such, whether you decide to access your account dashboard via your desktop computer or mobile phone – the end result will invariably be the same.

In addition to browser-based access, there is also a Bitcoin Up app. The app is available on Android devices, but not iOS.

Bitcoin Up Payments & Withdrawal 

It goes without saying that Bitcoin Up makes the deposit process super easy. This makes sense when you consider its highly aggressive marketing material.

In terms of supported payment methods, you can deposit funds with a debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bank wire.

When it comes to withdrawals, Bitcoin Up claims that you can access your money whenever you see fit.

Bitcoin Up Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit at Bitcoin Up is $250 – which amounts to about £181.

Bitcoin Up Customer Support

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the Bitcoin Up website does not offer any contact details. This means no live chat, no email, and no telephone number. There is no registered address either.

How to Use Bitcoin Up

As noted above, if you do proceed with Bitcoin Up you should tread extremely carefully. Nevertheless, below you will find a simple 5-step process to get started today.

  1. Register by entering your name and email address
  2. Choose a payment method – debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bank wire
  3. Meet a minimum deposit of $250
  4. Activate the robot
  5. The Bitcoin Up robot will then trade on your behalf until you pull your money out

For a more detailed walkthrough, scroll up to the section on “How Does Bitcoin Up Work?”.

The Verdict

If you like the sound of Bitcoin Up, you can easily get started today by clicking the link below.

Just remember to carefully consider the platform before putting your money on the line and proceed at your own risk.

bitcoin up website claims

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection.

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