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Best Bitcoin Robot 2022 – Cheapest Robots Revealed

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With Bitcoin’s popularity growing rapidly, more and more innovative ways of trading the market are springing up. One of the most lucrative and efficient ways is using bitcoin robots, which are advanced pieces of software capable of trading the market on your behalf.

In this guide, we’ll explore the Best Bitcoin Robot 2022 – covering all of the top robots available on the market and showing you how to get set up with a bitcoin robot in minutes!

Key Points on Bitcoin Robots

  • A Bitcoin robot is a sophisticated computer software that executes trades on your behalf based on a predetermined set of rules.
  • Bitcoin robots are typically much faster and more effective at cryptocurrency trading as the crypto market is open 24/7.
  • One of the most attractive features of a Bitcoin robot is that it can help to eliminate emotions from your investing.
  • We’ve reviewed dozens of Bitcoin robots and found British Bitcoin Profit to be the best across the board with a low minimum deposit and convenient demo account.

The Best Bitcoin Robots 

If you’re looking for the best bitcoin robot on the market, then the list below presents a selection of the best robots we’ve found through our testing and research. In the following section, we will review each of these robots in detail, ensuring you have everything you need to know before trading.

  1. British Bitcoin Profit – Overall Best Bitcoin Robot
  2. Bitcoin Loophole – Best Bitcoin Trading Robot for Profits
  3. BitIQ – Best Bitcoin Robot for Customer Service
  4. QuantumAI – Best Bitcoin Robot with AI-Technology
  5. BitQT – Best Bitcoin Robot for Traders Around the World
  6. Bitcoin Trader – Best Bitcoin Robot for Fast Execution Speeds
  7. Bitcoin Era – Best Crypto Robot for Consistent Performance
  8. Bitcoin Champion – Best Bitcoin Robot for Beginners
  9. Immediate Edge – Best Bitcoin Robot for Advanced Traders
  10. Bitcoin System – Best Bitcoin Robot for User-Friendly Experience

As noted, if you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, using a bitcoin robot can streamline the whole process – which is ideal for beginners or people who work full-time. However, as there are so many bitcoin robots available on the market, it’s crucial to sift through the options and choose one that suits your needs and investment goals.

Another top-rated Bitcoin robot is Bitcoin Motion that has accumulated a ton of interest from crypto enthusiasts in the UK.

This section reviews the ten best bitcoin robots available on the market right now, providing all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

1. British Bitcoin Profit – Overall Best Bitcoin Robot

british bitcoin profit logo

Our number one pick when it comes to robots that can buy Bitcoin is British Bitcoin Profit. We recommend British Bitcoin Profit so highly because this robot has an incredibly advanced trading software that can identify profitable trades and then act on them immediately. What’s more, the execution speed offered by British Bitcoin Profit is unmatched – meaning that trades are entered at the most profitable point possible.

british bitcoin profit review

British Bitcoin Profit is a bitcoin bot that will appeal to beginners, as no prior trading experience is necessary to use it. The minimum deposit required is only $250, which is a reasonable amount to request. Once you have signed up and made your deposit, you can even utilise the robot’s handy demo account feature to gain risk-free experience in the market before trading for real. All in all, we’ve found that British Bitcoin Profit offers the best features and results when it comes to bitcoin robots this year.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

2. Bitcoin Loophole – Best Bitcoin Trading Robot for Profits

bitcoin loophole review

Another great bitcoin robot in the UK is Bitcoin Loophole. This robot is ideal for people looking to buy cryptocurrency quickly and profitably – without any trading knowledge or experience. Bitcoin Loophole’s platform has been designed with beginners in mind, meaning that all of the work is done by the robot’s advanced trading technology. Due to this, you get the benefit of an easy-to-use platform whilst still reaping the trading rewards.

bitcoin loophole review

Bitcoin Loophole doesn’t just trade Bitcoin – it also offers support for other cryptos such as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Much like other bitcoin robots, Bitcoin Loophole requires a $250 deposit so that the robot can employ its strategy effectively. The great thing is that Bitcoin Loophole’s system is one of the fastest in the business when processing deposits and withdrawals – deposits arrive instantly, whilst withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours!

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

3. BitIQ – Best Bitcoin Robot for Customer Service

bitiq review

Another fantastic bitcoin robot to consider is BitIQ. This robot is beneficial for people interested in day trading, as the robot has fast execution speeds and AI-powered technology that can trade the market 24 hours a day. What’s more, the BitIQ platform has a dedicated customer service team on hand to deal with any issues that may arise – all you have to do is fill out the handy contact form on the website, and a team member will email you back ASAP.

bitiq review

The BitIQ creators have ensured the platform is accessible for beginners and have even developed a handy smartphone app to monitor trades on the go. The robot’s settings can be tweaked so that factors such as risk and trade volume are suitable for each individual. Like other robots, BitIQ requires a reasonable minimum deposit of only $250 – although you can use the robot’s free demo account feature first to ensure you’re happy with the platform.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

4. QuantumAI – Best Bitcoin Robot with AI-Technology

quantumAI review

QuantumAI is one of the most innovative bitcoin robots on the market, using advanced ‘Quantum’ technology to deliver exceptional trading results. This AI-powered technology is incredibly fast, enabling the robot to scan hundreds of market scenarios simultaneously. Through this approach, the robot can weed out unprofitable trade opportunities and focus on profitable ones – enhancing overall consistency and results!

quantumAI review

QuantumAI offers both a web-based platform and a smartphone app, ensuring the robot is accessible at all times of the day. Furthermore, you can even opt for fully automated or semi-automated trading, depending on your experience level and how hands-on you’d like to be. Another significant aspect of QuantumAI is the low minimum deposit – traders can begin using the robot from as little as €220 (around £190), making it an incredibly cost-effective and efficient bitcoin robot to utilise.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

5. BitQT – Best Bitcoin Robot for Traders Around the World

bitQT review

If you are looking to buy cryptocurrency quickly and easily, then BitQT is worth considering. BitQT has been designed for use in multiple countries, making it an ideal robot if you are travelling or going on holiday. BitQT uses various reputable brokers to facilitate the robot’s trades, meaning that you don’t even need a broker account to sign up. What’s more, the BitQT system ensures trades can be executed in fractions of a second – which is incredibly important in the volatile Bitcoin market.

bitQT review

BitQT’s website claims an 88% win rate, which is exceptionally consistent compared to other Bitcoin robots. BitQT doesn’t require any complicated verification processes or heaps of personal information to begin trading – users must only provide an email address and phone number to open an account. Perhaps one of the best things about BitQT is that the robot is 100% free to use, with a $250 deposit being the only thing that’s required. Due to this, we feel that BitQT is one of the best crypto robots available on the market right now.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

6. Bitcoin Trader – Best Bitcoin Robot for Fast Execution Speeds

bitcoin trader review

Fast execution speeds are critical in the cryptocurrency market, as they can make the difference between a winning trade and a losing trade. Bitcoin Trader represents the best Bitcoin robot in 2022 for trade speeds thanks to its specially-designed software that can place trades much faster than humans can. What’s more, Bitcoin Trader has exceptional consistency in the market due to the robot’s use of a multi-pronged strategy, consisting of technical, fundamental, and news-based analysis.

bitcoin trader review

Much like the best bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin Trader does require a minimum deposit to begin trading. Luckily, this deposit only needs to be $250 and can be made via credit/debit card. The great news is that Bitcoin Trader is entirely free to use – this means that all deposits and withdrawals are 100% free, and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. Finally, Bitcoin Trader is even available on iOS and Android through the robot’s handy smartphone app, ensuring users can monitor their trades whilst out and about.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

7. Bitcoin Era – Best Crypto Robot for Consistent Performance

bitcoin era review

If you are looking for an automated alternative to the best crypto signals, then Bitcoin Era might be worth considering. Following a similar methodology to other robots, Bitcoin Era’s system automatically scans the crypto market and places trades when it finds a profitable opportunity. The developers of Bitcoin Era have designed the robot to incorporate elements of various trading strategies, which ensure the robot delivers consistently profitable results.

bitcoin era review

Bitcoin Era is 100% free to use, with no hidden fees or commissions being charged. Furthermore, this robot has no withdrawal limits, meaning that you can withdraw your profits daily if you wish. Withdrawals tend to take around 36 hours to arrive in your account – which is still faster than many other robots. Finally, Bitcoin Era has a dedicated customer support team available 24/7, ensuring all users can receive aid if they have any questions or issues regarding the platform.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

8. Bitcoin Champion – Best Bitcoin Robot for Beginners

bitcoin champion review

If you are a beginner to the crypto scene yet still wish to trade profitably whilst learning, Bitcoin Champion might be worth considering. Bitcoin Champion represents the best crypto trading robot for beginner traders as the robot has a low deposit requirement of only $250 and charges absolutely no fees to use. Furthermore, Bitcoin Champion even offers a free demo account to use that can help ease any concerns that users may have.

bitcoin champion review

Bitcoin Champion users AI and Machine Learning technology to deploy a consistent Bitcoin-trading strategy. The great thing about Bitcoin Champion is that it offers other cryptos aside from Bitcoin – users can buy Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and various other digital currencies. In addition, Bitcoin Champion even provides trading services for a selection of FIAT currencies, including USD and GBP. Thanks to this comprehensive service, Bitcoin Champion is the perfect robot for traders just entering the market for the first time.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

9. Immediate Edge – Best Bitcoin Robot for Advanced Traders

immediate edge logo

Immediate Edge is a great bitcoin robot to utilise if you have prior experience in the market. This robot uses a combination of news, technical, and fundamental analysis to generate trading ideas that have a high chance of being profitable. Immediate Edge then executed these trade ideas instantly, ensuring that trades are entered at the best possible price. Due to this, no manual input is required, as profits can be generated throughout the day in an automated fashion.

immediate edge review

Users can withdraw any profits made by the robot in less than 24 hours, which is ideal for active traders. The sign-up process is swift, only requiring your name, email address, and phone number. The Immediate Edge website boasts SSL encryption, which adds a further layer of safety to trading activities. Finally, Immediate Edge even offers manual trading facilities for advanced traders who wish to be a bit more ‘hands on’ with their market activities.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

10. Bitcoin System – Best Bitcoin Robot for User-Friendly Experience

bitcoin system review

Rounding off our list of the best Bitcoin robots is Bitcoin System. Bitcoin System uses a powerful algorithm to scan the crypto market for trades, enabling the robot to essentially ‘simulate’ how trades might play out. Through this process, Bitcoin System can identify which trades have a high chance of winning, ensuring the robot is as consistent as possible. Furthermore, all trades that Bitcoin System places are made in fractions of a second, making the robot much faster than manual trading.

bitcoin system review

Users must deposit a minimum of $250 to begin trading, which can be made using a credit or debit card. No setup fee is required, and deposits are 100% free to make. Another great thing about Bitcoin System is that the platform is exceptionally user-friendly – no advanced jargon or features are used, which can be confusing for beginner traders. Due to this, Bitcoin System is a great robot to consider if you are a new trader looking for an easy-to-use trading platform.

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

If you’re interested in finding the best crypto savings account to use in concert with a leading Bitcoin robot, then you can read our in-depth guide here.

Good Bitcoin Robots

If you are hearing about Bitcoin robots for the first time, it’s understandable to be skeptical about the claims made. However, the reality is that the technology we have at our fingertips these days has offered exciting and effective ways to trade the financial markets. Through using a Bitcoin robot, you’ll be able to harness these technological advances – and reap the benefits of doing so.

It’s important to note that, although there are many legitimate Bitcoin robots, there are still robots out there that are unsafe. To help ensure you choose a trustworthy Bitcoin robot, we’ve conducted extensive research to find platforms that are legit and live up to their claims. The platforms listed below represent the best Bitcoin robots on the market that we’ve found to be safe and reliable. You might also want to consider Primebit Profit as a leading crypto robot in 2022.

Bad Bitcoin Robots

As you can see from the section above, numerous legitimate Bitcoin robots are available for traders to use. However, as noted previously, some robot providers will offer what seems to be a safe robot – yet it turns out to be a scam. At first, it might seem challenging to determine which robots are legit and which aren’t, yet there are certain things to keep an eye out for when doing your research.

Scam robots will tend to make outlandish claims on their website with no verified backing. Furthermore, illegitimate robots may ask for lots of personal information – and even a substantial minimum deposit. Finally, keep an eye out for robots that do not have any way of contacting them; this is a tell-tale sign that the robot isn’t what it claims to be.

With these points in mind, we’ve researched all of the major Bitcoin robots available on the market and have found a few that appear illegitimate or untrustworthy. The list below presents these robots so that you can stay safe when operating in the market:

What are Bitcoin Robots?

So, now that you have an idea of which bitcoin robots are legit and which should be avoided, let’s dive into what bitcoin robots actually are. Put simply, bitcoin robots are specially designed pieces of software that can trade the market just like a human can – yet are much faster and more effective at doing so. This is because bitcoin robots utilise advanced technology to identify market opportunities objectively and then act on them without emotion.

The critical thing to note about bitcoin robots is that they are automated – which means they require no manual input from the trader. Due to this, people who use bitcoin robots can essentially go about their daily lives whilst the robot generates profits in the background! Furthermore, as most robots require no prior trading experience, these systems are ideal for beginner traders who are looking to learn how to trade whilst remaining profitable.

Most bitcoin robots will have a partnership with one (or more) of the best crypto exchanges. This is a crucial aspect to be aware of, as although the bitcoin robot will identify and place trades, these trades still need to be opened through a trading platform. The best bitcoin robots will include the brokerage aspect within their list of services – which means that you won’t need a broker account to sign up! As the bitcoin robot will have partner brokers, the platform does all of the work for you.

bitcoin robots

As noted, these robots can identify and place trades automatically. At first, you might be wondering how this is possible. However, bitcoin robots tend to employ advanced ‘AI-powered technology’ that can scan the markets and seek out trade opportunities with a high chance of winning. The critical thing to note here is that these robots act objectively, ensuring emotion is removed from the trading process.

The removal of emotion is key to trading success, as emotion usually leads to biases resulting in losses. As the robot is purely objective, these biases aren’t a concern – meaning that trades are fully optimised every time. Moreover, manual trading can sometimes result in traders hesitating to open a trade, which isn’t a concern with a bitcoin robot.

Overall, bitcoin robots are an efficient and stress-free way to trade the cryptocurrency market – especially if you are a beginner trader. The fully automated nature of these robots means that users can set them up and then let them run in the background whilst going about their day. Due to this, bitcoin robots are super popular with people who work full-time jobs or who do not have time during the day to research trade ideas.

How do Bitcoin Robots Work?

As noted previously, bitcoin robots employ advanced technology to scan the markets and generate trade ideas. Found below are some of the main elements of the bitcoin robot system, which can help you get an idea of how these platforms work:

Advanced Technology

The most important part of a bitcoin robot’s services is providing helpful trading ideas – without this, the robot wouldn’t be of much use! Over the years, as technology has become more advanced, automated trading robots have been able to use this technology to build lucrative strategies that consistently deliver profits.

Different robots will employ different technological approaches, but artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the main ones. These two approaches ensure that robots can ‘learn’ what constitutes a profitable trading idea and what doesn’t. Furthermore, as the technology isn’t affected by human biases, these ideas are acted on immediately and without hesitation – leading to better trades and more profits.

Various Strategies

Another critical aspect of how these robots work is that they deploy various trading strategies simultaneously. Most robots incorporate fundamental, technical, and news-based analysis to generate trade ideas. What’s more, these strategies are used in real-time, so they consider any immediate changes in the market environment.

bitcoin robot trading

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

Efficient Platform

When you buy shares in a company, it’s always good to have a user-friendly platform to do so – and bitcoin robots are no different. Most robots offer a web-based platform and a smartphone app, ensuring that users can access the robot wherever they are to monitor trades.

As bitcoin robots are fully automated, the platforms are often straightforward to use and do not include many advanced features. However, if you do have prior trading experiences, many bitcoin robots offer some additional settings to tailor the trading experience to your specific requirements!

How do I Choose the Best Bitcoin Bot UK?

Cryptocurrency has rapidly become one of the best ways to invest money – and bitcoin robots represent an effective method of trading in this market. However, with so many options available to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the selection.

Not to worry – this section presents the main factors to consider when researching bitcoin robots, ensuring you have all the info you need to make the right decision.

Success Rate

Top of the list of things to consider is the robot’s success rate. Understandably, you’ll want to use a robot that has a high success rate, as this will ultimately translate into more significant profits. However, it’s also a good idea to research whether the success rates that are stated on a robot’s website are legit or not.

Many of the robots that we have mentioned previously have very high success rates, so we’d recommend using one of them when trading the market. Overall, our recommended robot British Bitcoin Profit represents the best option for trading robots this year.


It’s also essential to use a robot that can keep your money secure when trading the market. Many robots employ the use of SSL encryption to protect your personal information and trading capital. Furthermore, keep an eye out for robots that partner with regulated brokers, as these will ensure your trades are facilitated safely.

User Friendliness

If you are a beginner trader, it’s a good idea to use a robot with a user-friendly platform. Robots such as British Bitcoin Profit have a platform that is easy to use and requires no trading experience. This makes the whole process much quicker and easier.


Finally, it’s a good idea to check how much a robot will cost to use before signing up. Many of the robots on our list are free to use such as Bitcoin Treasure and Crypto Boom, meaning you get the benefits of a bitcoin robot without having to spend an outlandish sum of money. If you decide to begin trading with a bitcoin robot, make sure to keep an eye out for those that charge hidden fees or commissions, as these robots tend to be unsafe and illegitimate.

Bitcoin Robot Reviews

If you’re still not sure which Bitcoin robot suits your trading needs and financial goals check out our in-depth reviews of the best Bitcoin robot reviews below.

Bitcoin Up Review

In summary, Bitcoin Up is a fully automated crypto trading bot that gives you everything you need to start passively investing in the crypto market. The account opening process is seamless, and requires a minimum deposit of just $250 to get started right away. It also offers multiple payment options such as debit/credit cards and e-wallets.

Bitcoin Code Review

Bitcoin trading robots have become more popular as crypto-hungry investors flock to the digital market. The Bitcoin code software can open and close positions on your behalf. It uses fully-fledged AI technology to analyze and scan the crypto market for the best trading opportunities based on your criteria.

Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin Trader is popular amongst crypto enthusiasts in the UK for its robot trading services. In other words, once you’ve deposited funds and set your parameters, the trading bot will purchase and sell digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin automatically. Using artificial intelligence, Bitcoin Trader monitors the crypto market 24/7 looking for the best trading opportunities.

Bitcoin Treasure Review

Bitcoin Treasure is a sophisticated trading software that automates the cryptocurrency trading process. The platform analyses the market with cutting-edge technology. Based on patterns and data, the Bitcoin Treasure robot forecasts Bitcoin price swings. It will know when and how to open and close positions in the market when the time is absolutely right. Bitcoin Treasure can be configured to perform both trades and detailed market analysis.

Bitcoin Digital Review

Bitcoin Digital is another passive crypto bot that trades Bitcoin and other altcoins automatically throughout the day. Once the profit margins match your criteria the AI software executes the trade as fast as possible to capitalize on high returns.

BitQT Review

BitQT is an online tool that allows to trade Bitcoin automatically. The basic idea is that if you sign up for an account and deposit a minimum of $250, BitQT can exchange crypto assets on your behalf.

Bitcoin Profit Review

Bitcoin Profit, popularly dubbed as one of the best Bitcoin bots, is an algorithmic Bitcoin trading platform. This service purchases and trades digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Monero on your behalf before trading them for positive returns. According to Bitcoin Profit, its trading robot service could yield profits of $400 every hour.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review

Bitcoin Billionaire is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform that claims to be able to execute a huge amount of market trades in the crypto space while also providing great profits to its users. This algorithmic robot, in particular, is focused primarily on bitcoin trading — it was created using trading algorithms and market forecasts to produce an efficient Bitcoin trading tool.

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution uses a cluster of macroeconomic investing models that enable it to accurately pinpoint optimal entry and exit points within the crypto market. This crypto trading bot is particularly effective for day trading strategies as merges complex algorithms with machine learning to generate a high success rate.

Brexit Millionaire Review

Brexit Millionaire is another Bitcoin trading bot that allows you to gain exposure to the volatile cryptocurrency market without spending hours scanning and monitoring the charts. A unique feature of this Bitcoin robot provider is that it also covers other financial assets such as ETFs, CFDs and stocks.

Crypto Boom Review

Crypto Boom is one of the leading and most widely accepted Bitcoin trading bots out there. Offering fast execution times and a user-friendly platform, this automated crypto trading robot is perfect for trading Bitcoin, Ether, EOS, and Litecoin in a hands-off approach to crypto investing.

Profit Revolution Review

Simply put, Profit Revolution is a crypto trading bot that has the capacity to conduct market research and trade cryptocurrencies automatically on your behalf. This trading software leverages cutting-edge AI-driven tech that analyses the market and makes accurate predictions. According to the company, the crypto robot can analyse heaps of potential market outcomes at once, thus offering positive success rates.

TeslaCoin Review

TeslaCoin is one of the best bitcoin robots available today. The bot helps investors speculate and profit from the market. The TeslaCoin robot launched in 2010 as a highly intuitive trading bot that enables you to maximise your chances of making money in a market as volatile as crypto.

Bitcoin Robot Trading Strategies

When considering how to invest in bitcoin, you may have come across various strategies that aim to generate high profits consistently. The best bitcoin robots all incorporate these strategies – with some even using multiple at the same time. This section presents the main methods used by these robots and an explanation of how they work.

News Trading

It’s common knowledge that news events can shake up the market, either positively or negatively. Many bitcoin robots will use strategies that consider current market news in their trade ideas, ensuring that any trade considers potential shocks caused by announcements or other events.

Trend Trading

Uptrends and downtrends are typical ways of noting which direction an asset is travelling. Trends can be strong or weak and can also change rapidly, so being on the right side of a trade requires market expertise and experience. However, many bitcoin robots have state-of-the-art technology that can identify trends and trade in the right direction, ensuring transactions are as accurate as possible.

bitcoin robot strategies


Arbitrage refers to the process of buying low in one location and then selling the same asset for a higher price in another place. Usually, this price difference is caused by the spread that is charged by the platform – and smart traders can benefit from these price differentials. However, arbitrage opportunities are rare and difficult to spot, which is one some bitcoin robots offer unique arbitrage strategies that can benefit from these opportunities as soon as they occur.

Pattern Trading

Finally, some robots can identify specific patterns in a cryptocurrency’s price chart, leading to profitable trading opportunities. Often these patterns are hard to spot with the naked eye, so using a bitcoin robot can ensure that they aren’t missed and that lucrative trade opportunities are taken.

How to Trade with a Bitcoin Robot

Now that you’ve got a solid understanding of what bitcoin robots are, let’s take a look at the process of signing up and beginning to trade. The steps below will show you how to get started with our recommended robot, British Bitcoin Profit.

Step 1: Create an Account

Head to the British Bitcoin Profit website and enter your first and last name, along with your email address and phone number, in the sign-up box. An email will then be sent to your inbox asking you to verify your email address.

british bitcoin profit sign up

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

Step 2: Make a Deposit

British Bitcoin Profit requires a minimum deposit of $250 before you can begin using the robot. This is to ensure the robot has sufficient trading capital to employ its advanced strategies. Users can make the deposit via credit or debit card – totally fee-free.

Step 3: Test Out the Demo Account Feature

If you are new to crypto trading, you may wish to get familiar with the setup before trading for real. Luckily, British Bitcoin Profit has a handy demo account feature that allows you to trade the crypto market in real-time using ‘fake’ money. This feature is the perfect way to get trading experience in a risk-free manner before live trading.

Step 4: Begin Trading

Once you are ready to begin live trading, head to the robot’s settings area on the dashboard and tweak the settings to your specific needs. Areas such as the risk level and trade volume can be altered to suit your goals. Once you are happy with everything, you can then opt to begin trading with real money. The British Bitcoin profit robot will get to work instantly, scanning the market and trading in the background on your behalf.

trade with british bitcoin profit

Why Should I Use a Bitcoin Trading Robot?

There are various reasons to consider using a bitcoin trading robot. Some of the main ones are:

High Success Rate

Many bitcoin robots claim to have success rates of 80% or more. If a robot has a success rate of 80%, this means that for every ten trades, eight of them will be winning trades. A success rate this high makes generating profits simple, as reaching this level of consistency as a human trader is extremely difficult to do.

bitcoin robot benefits

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

Less Time Spent At The Charts

Nobody wants to spend their whole day in front of the charts – that wouldn’t be fun! Using a bitcoin trading robot, you can avoid hours and hours of chart time, as the robot does all of the research for you. Furthermore, the trade ideas the robots generate are often much more accurate than the ones a human could come up with – leading to more optimal trades.

Beginner Friendly

If you are a beginner, it can be overwhelming having to learn all of the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market. However, by using a bitcoin robot, you don’t have to have any advanced trading knowledge. All that’s required is the setup and initial deposit – once completed, the robot does all of the hard stuff for you, allowing you to reap the rewards! 

When to Use a Bitcoin Bot

The great thing about bitcoin robots is that they can be used in a variety of situations! These include, but are not limited to:

Whilst at work

Due to the time-consuming nature of trade research and monitoring the charts, being able to trade at work is often not doable. Thankfully, bitcoin robots require no manual input to operate, meaning they can run in the background whilst you are at work. Trades can be opened and closed according to the robot’s strategy, allowing you to reap the rewards in a fully automated fashion.

When you don’t have time to look at the charts

Sometimes you might not have time to keep an eye out for trade opportunities during the day – or perhaps you have other things you’d rather be doing. Bitcoin robots take all the hassle out of trading, as they remove the need to be on the charts for extended periods. The robot will scan the market in the background, meaning that you can avoid lengthy research sessions and instead do the things you enjoy doing.

Whilst asleep

Finally, the 24/7 nature of the crypto market means that there are always trade opportunities to be had. Sometimes you may be asleep when a profitable trade idea occurs, preventing you from acting on it. Bitcoin robots never sleep and monitor the market all day, ensuring you never miss opportunities.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Bitcoin robots are profitable for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, these robots are entirely objective. If you read any of the best investing books, you’ll notice that the absence of emotion is a crucial component of trading success. As bitcoin robots are not subject to human emotions, they do not fall victim to the same biases that we do – meaning that trades are much more optimal.

bitcoin price chart

There is no guarantee that you will make money with this provider. Proceed at your own risk.

Another reason bitcoin robots are profitable is that they can monitor the market all day, every day. Just imagine having to concentrate on the charts 24/7 – it would be pretty tricky! However, these robots can do just that, ensuring that no profitable trade ideas are missed.

Finally, bitcoin robots are profitable because they are capable of using various strategies at the same time. As humans, we tend only to be capable of focusing on one or two things simultaneously. On the other hand, bitcoin robots can deploy multiple research strategies in real-time, ensuring that trade ideas are as accurate as possible. 

What are the Costs of Crypto Robots?

Most of the best bitcoin trading platforms mentioned in this guide are 100% free to use. This means that the robots do not charge any setup fees, deposit fees, withdrawal fees, or commissions. Although this might seem too good to be true, the fact is that the best bitcoin robots offer a free-to-use system designed to trade the crypto market automatically.

The only thing you’d have to do is meet the minimum deposit threshold that each robot requires. This can vary from provider to provider, but most bitcoin robots will need around $250 to begin trading. The reason these robots require a minimum deposit is so that the strategies and approaches can be deployed with maximum effectiveness, ensuring that you receive optimal trading results every time. X§

Are Bitcoin Bots Legit or Scams?

Given all of the great benefits of using a bitcoin robot, it’s natural to wonder whether these platforms are legitimate or not. However, the vast majority of bitcoin robots are safe to use and have been developed in a manner that protects your trading capital. With that said, there are still numerous scam robots out there, so it’s essential to do your due diligence and research thoroughly beforehand.

Earlier on in this guide, we presented a list of the best bitcoin robots available on the market today. Using this list, you’ll have all the information you need to choose a legit and reliable bitcoin robot that can help you trade the market effectively. Although these robots will never be able to deliver winning trades 100% of the time, the systems and approaches they use are often much more optimal than trading manually.

Potential Risks of Crypto Robots

Although many crypto robots are legitimate, there are always risks to be wary of when using an automated trading system. Presented below is a selection of the main dangers to keep an eye out for:

  • Losing Money – Understandably, losing money is a genuine risk when using a crypto robot. Although these robots are highly effective at trading the market, the nature of trading means that there’s always a chance of entering a losing trade. As such, it’s essential to be aware of this when using a crypto robot.
  • Scams – Some providers are simply looking for a quick buck and will offer illegitimate robots. To avoid these scam robots, we suggest reviewing the list of good bitcoin robots that we presented earlier in this guide. By sticking to the options on that list, you’ll be able to trade the market safely and effectively.
  • Lack of Expertise – Sometimes, having a lack of trading knowledge can hamper your trading experience with a crypto robot. However, robots such as British Bitcoin Profit have been designed with beginners in mind, meaning that the platform requires no trading expertise to use. Due to this, new traders can learn the ins and outs of the crypto market whilst still generating profits.

What are Auto Trading Bots?

Auto trading robots are very similar to bitcoin robots because they are specially designed pieces of software that can trade on your behalf. However, the key thing to note is that auto trading bots tend to be capable of trading multiple assets rather than just cryptocurrency. These bots include the best forex robots that can trade the FX market with ease, along with bots that can trade the commodity market and stock market too.

Auto trading bots often use similar technology to bitcoin robots, but with minor tweaks that make them suitable for the specific asset they are trading. Many auto trading robots will offer facilities for multiple assets – for example, some robots can trade FX, crypto, and stocks. Using a robot such as this essentially provides an ‘all in one’ solution to trading the financial markets.


As this guide has shown, there are many fantastic options on the market when it comes to bitcoin robots. The best crypto robots can scan the market for lucrative opportunities and then act on trades instantly – without any manual input whatsoever. By using this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to choose an effective bitcoin robot, allowing you to trade optimally and profitably right away.

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